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A bunch of random things I've been meaning to post about

Two things I meant to post about last month but never did for whatever reason:

- On October 12 my friend and I went to the State Fair of Texas! That was fun. I was stressed about it because I'd never had a guest over other than pathvain_aelien, but it turned out well for the most part. :)
- On October 19 pathvain_aelien, ellaina02, and I went to a VR show!... VR demonstration? What would the right term be?

And some things I thought of to post about more recently:

- The Irregular Webcomic! forums are GONE?! Possibly FOREVER?! Which means the mezzacotta, Square Root of Minus Garfield, Lightning Made of Owls, and Comments on a Postcard forums (all of which I read a lot more than the one for IWC itself) are ALSO gone?!
While I didn't like the fact that those forums often had a lot of drama in them, with so many people overanalyzing everything (more so than in Square Root of Minus Garfield itself), arguing about what is or is not art/humor/etc., and so on, and as such haven't been to those forums in a while, there were also just enough forum threads I DID find interesting or amusing that I wanted to eventually go back and read what I missed. Now I might not be able to do that! That was such a big forum, even archive.org probably won't have EVERYTHING!
And that means that since I've linked to that forum sometimes, I'm gonna have to go back and fix ALL of those broken links to point to the archive.org versions. I WAS up to early 2018 in my slow journey to fix everything I needed to fix in my entries... now this sets me back to late 2011! :(
EDIT: Also, does today's mezzacotta (not IWC) comic show up for anyone? It doesn't for me. Nor does this one. It looks like if you put in the date for any comic that has not already been generated, it fails to load it. :(
This is the THIRD TIME (at least) that this comic has been broken in the past few years! I'm scared!

- On a happier note, yesterday I was flipping through a random catalog and in the section for bedroom sets, one of their bed designs is named after Enya. ENYA. That is awesome. Maybe I should pick that the next time I need new bed sheets!
(Also, that same catalog had a section on video games, which makes this probably the first catalog I've ever read to mention Mario AND Enya. This of course made it even better for me. I have a long history of getting disproportionately excited whenever there's a Mario reference AND an Enya reference in relatively close proximity.) :)
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