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Did that really just happen?

Did I FINALLY finish fixing all the things in my LJ entries that didn't get copied over to DW properly? And a bunch of things I'd been meaning to fix for years even in the LJ versions of those entries?! :D :D :D

Now all of you on DW can FINALLY experience my pre-DW entries the way they were MEANT to be experienced (or the closest approximation possible)! :D

Too bad that it took me two years (almost EXACTLY two years, interestingly enough - May 13 is the anniversary of my DW account) to get to this point... and now I feel like I have a lot of friends who aren't active anymore on LJ or DW. :(

Note that this doesn't mean that I'm done. I'm just done with the entries before May 13, 2017. I've still got the entries on and after that date to fix, among other things. But those should be easier, hopefully!

And of course, there may have been things I missed when I fixed the first 1,154 entries...
If you have a free moment, can you do the following steps a few times (I repeat, just a few) to help me check for things I may have missed? I'd appreciate it!

1) Go to https://matt1993.livejournal.com/YYYY/MM/DD or https://matt1993.dreamwidth.org/YYYY/MM/DD, where YYYY/MM/DD is any random date from August 19, 2007 to May 13, 2017
2) If it turns out I posted on that date, look at the entries from that date
3) Preferably, also look at the DW counterparts of those entries if you went to the LJ versions first or vice versa
4) Check for inconsistencies, etc. that don't seem to be intentional and let me know about them.

Things to check for in particular:

- There's entries where status bars that used to look okay ended up breaking the page so much that you have to scroll REALLY far to read anything, and yeah, for now I decided to just focus on editing them so that you don't have to scroll that far to read those entries. I still need to go back and ACTUALLY fix them by replacing all those with full images of status bars the way I intended them to show up, rather than "red status bar section", "blue status bar section", etc. resized to different sizes like what I have (which used to work fine until they made it so that the height gets resized according to the width). So if you find any such entries, let me know so that there'll be less chance I forget to go back and completely fix those.
- I could've forgotten to add tags to a DW entry (or, less likely, a LJ entry).
- I could've left in the "tags will come later" tag after already adding all necessary tags (and probably some unnecessary ones too).
- I could've put a repost button (or the DW text link equivalents I've been adding; I call it a "closest-thing-to-a-repost-button-I-know-how-to-make-on-DW") on a friends-only entry by mistake. Did I?
- I could've had an entry that is friends-only on LJ but public on DW or vice versa by mistake.
- I could've had a LJ entry with a repost button but a DW entry without a closest-thing-to-a-repost-button-I-know-how-to-make-on-DW or vice versa.
- I could've forgotten to fix a video in a DW entry.
- There may be broken images I forgot to fix, or images that were fine when I checked them that became broken later, or DW entries still using images hosted on my LJ or vice versa.
- There may be entries or comments that have different userpics on different sites somehow. In particular, I know that all instances of these four userpics somehow got reverted back to the default on DW inexplicably:

I fixed all instances of this I know about, but I may have missed some.
- I could've accidentally used an image set as friends-only in a public entry. Or made an image public on LJ but friends-only on DW or vice versa by mistake.
- Did I ever forget to change links in my DW entries/comments to go to DW and not LJ? (In the comments, though, sometimes this was impossible so I just replied to those with new comments saying "pretend it links to the DW version instead which is this". If the reply is there, it does not count as forgetting.)
- I could've forgotten to fix Writer's Blocks on some DW entries.
- When I fixed Writer's Blocks and repost buttons, I pasted in URLs like https://www.dreamwidth.org/tools/tellafriend?journal=matt1993&itemid=UVWXYZ and https://www.livejournal.com/writersblock/question?qid=WXYZ and then replaced WXYZ and UVWXYZ with the correct numbers. Are there still cases where I forgot to put the numbers in? Or put in numbers other than the correct ones?
- On DW, there are some music tags that get cut off at the end due to DW not increasing their character limit when LJ did. On those entries, I edited the body of the entry to point out what the music tag should have said. Are there any times when I forgot to do this?
- Anything else I may have forgotten
- Is anyone who's reading my DW at all using a screen reader, and if so, are my vision-impaired image descriptions on there helpful enough? And do you even get to hear them? I don't really know how they work, sorry!
- Are there any entries where the mood is different on the LJ and DW versions? I tried to fix all the ones I noticed but I may have missed some...
- Are there any entries where there's a link that is broken and the original page IS available on archive.org or a similar site, but I didn't replace the link with the archive.org version?
- Since autism is gone, I want to at some point painstakingly recreate all my own posts in there from memory (probably including comments) based on email notifications and archive.org and post them to my own journal, on both LJ and DW, and even update all links to the original posts to go to my archived versions instead. So if you see any posts/comments I made that link to posts in that community (even if you're not sure it's MY posts - I'll be able to find out because I can still find the original URLs in my email notifications), let me know.
- I fixed my first 705 entries before I was forced to change my LJ style from Pale Yellows to Scraps Yellow, so I need to at some point check them AGAIN and make sure none of them are messed up because of the change. Do you see anything that obviously looks wrong (besides my occasionally cringeworthy wording) in the LJ versions of entries before July 18, 2011?

There's other things I've been wanting to post about too but I'm not motivated to yet.
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