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Miiverse Backup: Posts From Jan 2014- ????????

Tags: 1, 2014, 2015, 2016, 3, annoying things, april fools' day, bowser, computers, costume mario, deviantart, dlc, dreamwidth, duck hunt, fetishes, gambling, game theory, goombas, hacking, inklings, january, lj-cuts, luigi, mario kart, mario kart 8, mary o., metroid, miis, miiverse, nintendo, nintendo 3ds, nintendo switch, nostalgia, p-balloons, paper, peach, piranha plants, powerups, procrastination, puns, ridley, splatoon, super mario 3d world, super mario maker, super mario world, super nintendo, super smash bros. 3ds, super smash bros. 4, super smash bros. brawl, super smash bros. ultimate, super smash bros. wii u, tags will come later, unpopular opinions, vegas stakes, video game music, video games, wii, wii fit trainer, wii u

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