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The end of an era


New Super Mario Bros. U "Deluxe" is out today...

The Super Crown singlehandedly broke the Internet long before its official debut... Now it HAS officially debuted...

This is scary. VERY scary.

Today is the worst possible day to be a Mario fan that doesn't like that stupid meme. I still am a Mario fan, of course, but never before have I been so ashamed that my favorite video game franchise led to THAT.

In fact, back in November or so I seriously thought of the idea of changing my default userpic to this one or some other non-Mario-related one and temporarily blacking out all Mario references from my profile, interests list, and bio on both LJ and DW just before NSMBUDX came out, because I just knew that if the Super Crown ended up EVERYWHERE long before that game's release, I'd hate to see what would happen once it IS out! And if I can't actually do anything to stop it, I figured I should at least make the closest thing possible to a meaningful statement about it by temporarily distancing myself from the Mario fandom as a whole. (But of course I would have changed everything back to normal after that game had been out for a few days or a week or so. Think of it as an April Fools' prank in January!)

In fact, I even MADE those versions of my profile and bio well in advance and saved that as a text file. Here's the bio as an example:


If I had to pick six words to describe myself, I would panic and ask someone for help because I am so downright random and weird that there is no possible way to describe myself or my journal in only six words.

So here's a list of things you'll probably see in this journal, in no particular order:
- Posts about my life
- Posts about my worrying about being disliked for any number of reasons
- Posts about the fact that I'm trying to fix all the things that are messed up in my LJ and DW and catch up on lots of websites that I'm behind on reading
- Backups of my posts on Miiverse now that Miiverse is discontinued... so if you want to know what some random guy was saying about ███████████████████████ or Nintendo Land five years ago, this is the journal for you :P
- Quizzes and surveys and such
- References to random things I'm obsessed with
- Whatever else I feel like posting

Some of the random things I'm obsessed with are:
- LiveJournal (obviously)
- Looking back at things that were made years ago... old posts on LJ, etc.
- Math
- Weird dreams
- Video games (mostly █████, Super Smash Bros., Kid Icarus, and Chip's Challenge)
- Video game music
- Homestar Runner
- Enya, my favorite singer and biggest celebrity crush
- Too many comics/webcomics to name... Garfield, mezzacotta, Terror Island, and Circle Versus Square might be the ones I'm the MOST obsessed with though. Oh, and ██████████████████████████████ - that counts as a comic, right? It certainly counts as something I'm obsessed with :P
- Speaking of ██████████████████████████████, my biggest *fictional* crush is ██████. Yes, I have a crush on the █████ to a video game ██████. I'm so weird...


(I think I would've changed the last part to "Yes, I have a crush on the guide to a █████████████████" if I'd went through with this, but you get the idea.)

Then, after a while, it DID seem like that meme was finally dying down for a while once it was revealed that in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, if someone other than Toadette gets a Super Crown, they just get ten coins.

I didn't trust that to mean the memes would ever go away or even fade away a little, because a) it should've been pretty clear already that only Toadette can use the Super Crown because the crown itself resembles a mix of Peach's crown and Toadette's mushroom cap, and b) suppose hypothetically they made a new Mario game with not only Mario and Luigi playable, but also Peach and maybe Daisy and Rosalina (heck, it's a hypothetical game, I can add in Mary O. as a playable character if I want!), AND the P-Balloon finally returns, only for it to turn out that only Mario and Luigi can use it and anyone else just gets ten coins. I don't think that would stop me, or anyone else who's into seeing female characters using it, from drawing that anyway.

(Does it makes me a hypocrite that I don't like how the Super Crown meme, especially Bowsette, spiraled out of control and yet I enjoy seeing certain OTHER characters using a certain OTHER Mario powerup they haven't canonically gotten to use? I feel the difference is it's a lot easier to accidentally stumble on Bowsette-related stuff without actively looking for it than it is to accidentally stumble on something involving inflation fetish. And also unlike a large portion of Bowsette fans, I don't make fun of people who hate inflation fetish, I'm just afraid that they'd make fun of ME for LIKING it. But if it makes me a hypocrite anyway, I guess I'll just have to be a hypocrite!)

Still, it went away enough that I started feeling silly about the whole "remove Mario references from my profile when NSMBUDX comes out" idea and thought about NOT doing that.

But then I stumbled on THESE:

Yeah, it's pretty clear that that meme is starting to take over the Internet again and that a lot of the people who are into it are mad at people who don't like it or mad at Nintendo for that joke on the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe official site. And it indeed looks like it's going to be taking over the Internet again... just like I expected. (Or it may very well not, but I'm preparing for the likely event that it does.)

This once again made me want to be sure to remove all Mario references from my profile before the game came out... the only reason I didn't was out of laziness. (Yes, there's a lot of broken images on there right now, including Mario-related ones, but that's because they coincidentally became broken before today. I've been needing to fix those for a while now...)

I have no idea how much sense this makes... it's just that all I can think about is how annoyed I am that this meme is still around and how annoyed I am that I'm powerless to do anything about it. I felt like I needed to vent about this somehow...
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