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Three more random updates

pathvain_aelien stayed at my apartment for a while; in that time we watched the How To Train Your Dragon TV show! (Specifically, the third of the three shows there were. P_A, what was the third show called again? Dragons: Race to the Edge.) We made it to season 4. :) Have any of you watched it?


It's no secret that I've fallen really far behind on my plan to backup some of my Miiverse posts on LJ/DW once a week. So I have an idea of how to get on a regular schedule that I'll have more motivation to stick to: start posting them once every two weeks instead of one, and act as if this had been my schedule all along starting from my first Miiverse backup entry - meaning the second Miiverse backup entry is now retroactively considered to be posted a week early (being one week after the first rather than two), the third one is retroactively considered to be two weeks early (being two weeks after the first instead of four), and so on.

As I've posted 23 Miiverse backup entries so far, that means the next one would get posted 23×2=46 weeks after the first, which would be the week of... December 12? So this means I'm now "still" caught up! :)

Do me a favor. The next time I consider doing some sort of regular feature on LJ or DW that requires me to upload new images or post entries with images in them once a week, please remind me about this and try to convince me to bring it down to once every two weeks...


Finally, now that the last Super Smash Bros. Direct is out, I'll give you another taste of just how weird it is in the mind of Matt1993:

- When I first saw a screenshot of Kirby's Peach copy ability in Super Smash Bros. Melee (when I was 9), I somehow didn't realize that was Peach's crown - my mind jumped to the conclusion that King Bob-omb from Super Mario 64 was playable and either that was his pink alternate costume or Kirby's King Bob-omb copy ability.
- I made up an entire moveset for Mary O. & Yamamura from Super Mario Maker and posted it earlier this year. (And I've brought up the idea even earlier than that - see the music tag on that April Fools entry.)
- And somehow, despite all of that, I still at no point expected a Piranha Plant to be a playable character.

Also, why is it that so many Super Smash Bros. fans hate each other over who's playable or different opinions about who they want to playable?

So many fan favorite characters made it in - why do people still have to be angry that other characters they wanted weren't in? I especially don't like that a lot of Toad fans, Daisy fans, Waluigi fans, Pauline fans, Mary O. fans (OH WAIT, I'm the only Mary O. fanboy EVER apparently), and now the seemingly few Piranha Plant fans (but ESPECIALLY the Daisy and Waluigi fans) argue endlessly with each other about which of those characters deserve to be in SSB the most... can't they be more like me and get along with each other because obviously they all have one thing in common if they want more Mario characters, rather than hating each other over which Mario characters they want in? Like, Daisy and Piranha Plant weren't my first two choices for new Mario characters in SSB, but Daisy was one of my choices (and if I'd thought there was any way it could happen, Piranha Plant would have been one of them too), so I'm happy with it nonetheless. (But not happy with the fact that I feel like I'll be hated for it like how I thought I'd be hated for liking that Wii Fit Trainer and Dark Pit were in SSB4. And am still not entirely convinced that I won't be.)

I'm not even mad about how I was hoping Mary O. would be the unexpected out-of-nowhere character this time (since I knew there had to be one out-of-nowhere character, at least) and then there was an unexpected out-of-nowhere character that happened to be a Mario character but it wasn't Mary O. If anything, I'm amused by it. And hopeful because this could set the stage for increasingly unexpected Mario characters being in later Super Smash Bros. games until Mary O. finally gets in. :)

I also like how one of my ideas for Mary O.'s special moves was based on the Gnat Attack minigame and then suddenly that turns out to be an Assist Trophy.

You know what? I'm just going to pretend that's Mary O.'s hand and therefore Mary O. is an Assist Trophy after all.

"But Mary O. doesn't wear gloves--" Shut up! She does now in my head canon if it means I can pretend she's in Super Smash Bros. in any way whatsoever! ;)

*Why couldn't this song have existed when MY world came to an end? It would have been so appropriate for that!
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