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Weekly Miiverse Backup: Posts from June 2013

SOMEONE on here sure has been falling behind on his promise to archive a few more of his Miiverse posts on LJ and DW every-- oh wait, that someone is me, isn't it... :P

If I'd been on schedule, this entry would've been posted between June 17 and 23, 2018. It's kind of hard to motivate myself to post these sometimes because I have to write the DW version of the entry, have that automatically be cross-posted to LJ, and then edit the LJ version to use the LJ copies of all the images (community icons, handwritten posts, tiny icons like the one for Yeahs, etc.)...

Hopefully it'll become easier now, though... Recently I made a little program where I can write the LJ and DW versions of an entry simultaneously, where I type into one text box and the program copies it into separate text boxes for LJ and DW; it copies text into both text boxes until it gets to a "▌" character (meaning everything until the next "▐" or "█" should be on LJ only), a "▐" character (meaning everything until the next "▌" or "█" should be on DW only), or a "█" character (meaning everything until the next "▌" or "▐" should be on both). For instance, the last word in this sentence is different on here from what it is on DreamWidth. The use of left/right half block characters makes sense to me because I typically put LJ-related tabs on the left side of my screen and DW-related tabs on the right so I can tell them apart. :)

(Though this one still took a while. Maybe I need to modify my program to add shortcuts specifically to make these Miiverse backup posts easier by making it so that if I type ☺Y☻ or ☺SSB4☻ or ☺:O☻, for instance, it'll be replaced with the Yeahs icon or the SSB4 community icon or my Mii's shocked expression, complete with it being the LJ version on LJ and the DW version on DW?)

← 04/21/2013 - 04/22/2013 July 2013 →

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U Community
Matt 06/17/2013 10:54 PM

5 10

(In addition to my first Miiverse post in over a month, this was also my first one in the Super Smash Bros. series community. The backup Nintendo sent me incorrectly says these are in the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U community, but that was the community created after the game was released, which I never posted in because by then I'd already become sick of Miiverse; the SSB series community was created after the Villager, Mega Man, and Wii Fit Trainer reveals at E3 and existed until the game was released.

Oh boy, I remember the Super Smash Bros. series community. Despite SSB being one of my favorite games, the community for it was one of the worst things (if not THE worst thing) about Miiverse, as it would eventually become nearly-constantly flooded with people arguing about how particular characters should or should not be in the roster, annoying memes I didn't understand, trolls who even continued trolling on other Miiverse communities once the SSB series one was removed, etc...

I also remember when Wii Fit Trainer was revealed and how it seemed like nearly everyone except me hated the fact that she was in... People EVERYWHERE were mad about it, not just on Miiverse, but on the rest of the Internet. Even in the autism social skills group I go to, one or two people were complaining about it and I remember being like "Am I the only one who likes Wii Fit Trainer?" I think the only reason I'm not currently worrying that everyone hates Wii Fit Trainer and whoever likes her is because all the people who were mad about her being in seem to now hate Lucina, Dark Pit, and Corrin even more. Which isn't really an improvement seeing as I also like that Dark Pit got in and don't mind Lucina or Corrin. :(

This was an awful lot like the experiences I'm now having on Quidd... So there's one good thing about me putting off my Miiverse backup entries for so long: if I hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten to compare my unpopular opinion about Wii Fit Trainer to my unpopular opinions about Quidd. :)

Two more things to point out: This had the second-most comments of any of my posts on Miiverse - surpassed only by that surprisingly popular "unlikely vine, likely vine" one - and was my first Miiverse post to end up having more comments than Yeahs.)

Nintendo Land Community
Matt 06/17/2013 11:06 PM

Donkey Kong's Crash Course
You'd think not playing this for awhile would've helped me quit going too fast and always crashing…

1 0

Nintendo Land Community
Matt 06/27/2013 6:07 PM

Yoshi's Fruit Cart

Apparently there's a trend of drawing stuff in Fruit Cart. At first I thought "pointless but might as well try it" but when I started I thought "It's harder than it looks…so THAT'S why they do it!"

4 0

(That's supposed to be my Mii. I don't know why I merely said that there was a trend of people drawing "stuff" in Yoshi's Fruit Cart if the only pictures I remember anyone drawing in that game were of their Miis. I don't think my drawing turned out well... I found it hard enough to draw my Mii as it was, and then to try and do so with a single connected line...)

Nintendo Land Community
Matt 06/27/2013 6:26 PM

Takamaru's Ninja Castle
Whenever I have to throw stars rapidly, I end up doing so to the rhythm of the music :)

1 0

(As it turns out, this was my last post in the Nintendo Land community for whatever reason. I still haven't gotten around to 100% completing the game. Which attractions [plus the plaza] did I post about the most?

Donkey Kong's Crash Course × 8
The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest × 8
Nintendo Land Plaza × 6
Takamaru's Ninja Castle × 5
Octopus Dance × 4
Balloon Trip Breeze × 4
Yoshi's Fruit Cart × 4
Pikmin Adventure × 4
Metroid Blast × 3
Captain Falcon's Twister Race × 2
Mario Chase × 0
Luigi's Ghost Mansion × 0
Animal Crossing: Sweet Day × 0

Note that I did play the last three on the list, but not as often because they are multiplayer-only - and in multiplayer modes there's less opportunities to take a break to make Miiverse posts.)

New Super Mario Bros. U Community
Matt 06/27/2013 8:18 PM

Finally beat the Mini Mountaineer challenge! But if getting a gold medal for it is required to unlock anything, it still might as well be "Prove the Riemann hypothesis without touching the ground" :(

0 0

(And this was my last post in the New Super Mario Bros. U community, excluding posts about New Super Luigi U - and my only post in that community to be about Challenge Mode instead of the main adventure. Makes sense since I'd already gotten all 5 stars in the main adventure.

This was probably also my most obscure joke throughout my entire history on Miiverse, too... if you don't know what the Riemann hypothesis is, all you need to know to understand my joke is that it's a certain mathy thing that is probably true, but so difficult to definitively prove that so far no one has been able to do so. I guess I was hoping that people would at least know that, but I was wrong. This is about the only reason I know what it is, in fact.

Back to NSMBU... I still don't think I've 100% completed all of the challenges in Challenge Mode - I'm pretty sure there's still some I haven't beaten, with gold medals or otherwise.

Which New Super Mario Bros. U levels did I post about the most?

9-2 Run for It × 10
9-8 Pendulum Castle × 3
5- Snake Block Tower × 2
5-6 Seesaw Bridge × 2
5- Flight of the Para-Beetles × 2
8-2 The Final Battle × 2
Beat the game! × 2
1-3 Yoshi Hill × 1
1-4 Mushroom Heights × 1
2-4 Spike's Spouting Sands × 1
2- Morton's Compactor Castle × 1
3-2 Tropical Refresher × 1
3-5 Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto × 1
4-1 Spinning-Star Sky × 1
4- Fliprus Lake × 1
5- The Mighty Cannonship × 1
5- Which-Way Labyrinth × 1
5-4 Painted Swampland × 1
5-7 Wiggler Stampede × 1
6-1 Fuzzy Clifftop × 1
7-3 Switchback Hill × 1
7-6 Snaking above Mist Valley × 1
7- Ludwig's Clockwork Castle × 1
8- Red-Hot Elevator Ride × 1
9-1 Spine-Tingling Spine Coaster × 1
9-3 Swim for Your Life! × 1
9-4 Hammerswing Caverns × 1
9-7 Lakitu! Lakitu! Lakitu! × 1
9-9 Follow That Shell! × 1
Got all five ★! × 1
Challenge Mode: Mini Mountaineer × 1

This excludes New Super Luigi U levels and cases where I can't deduce exactly which level I was playing.)
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