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Comin' up...

There's a bunch of things I've been meaning to post about, but I'm not in the mood to write those posts just yet. So I'll make this list so I don't forget:

- Post about the rest of my birthday presents and the things that happened in my trip to Arizona that I forgot to mention before
- Post the annual Museum of Accomplishments entry
- Catch up on those "weekly" Miiverse backup entries
- Some videos that I somehow haven't gotten around to posting to LJ in the, like, nine years it's been since I first discovered them
Tags: 2009, 2018, 25, 9, ages, arizona, birthdays, dreamwidth, dw entries, forgetfulness, livejournal, lj entries, miiverse, museum of accomplishments, nintendo, presents, procrastination, teasers, to do lists, vacations, vagueness, video games, videos, wii u, youtube

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