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I don't want to hear Yanny more about this


...okay, I won't really unfriend anyone because of it, but seriously - I just heard about it for the first time today, and I'm already annoyed by it and I hope that today is the ONLY time I hear about it (aside from whenever I go back and reread all my entries from this era and end up on this one).

It makes me lose faith in humanity that people would get so angry at each other just because of one random audio clip... just like it made me lose faith in humanity that so many people would hate each other over that white-and-gold/black-and-blue dress from 2015 (which I somehow never posted about in here until now? Not that I'd WANT to have to post about it, of course, but I was just as annoyed whenever I heard about the dress ever since the FIRST time I heard about it, and thus had just as good of a reason to post a rant about being sick of hearing about it as I do about Laurel and Yanny now...)

I don't even find jokes about either the dress or the Laurel and Yanny thing funny at all*. I find them annoying because they remind me that people will hate each other for pointless reasons. I can't decide which is more annoying: these or the fact that there are STILL people who think that 2016 is objectively the worst year ever and anyone who says anything positive about 2016 must be lectured on all the bad things that happened.

I'd rather reread the Wikipedia and Know Your Meme articles about Gamergate at the same time than hear about either of these again. :(

*Okay, I did see a YouTube (I think?) comment once that was like "No, Dark Pit is white and gold" and I thought that one was kind of funny, but still, it wasn't THAT funny. And I guess technically I made a joke about the Laurel and Yanny thing myself in the subject line of this entry, but at least mine is a joke about how I'm tired of hearing about it...


May. 28th, 2018 11:56 pm (UTC)
Hun, youre not weird, youre autistic :)


I always feel like I'm weird... probably because there's so many interests I have that are so obscure, I haven't met anyone else who's into them.

I get misunderstood by people too and sometimes they get mad or a bit weird towards me, but the way i see it is that, if they know me, they can talk to me about it and come to a clear understanding. If they dont know me, then either they should try or just leave me alone.

I wish that when people misunderstood me they'd more often try to talk to me about it to come to a better understanding instead of making assumptions and getting angry. (And yes, in the past I've also similarly made assumptions about people and gotten angry about it but I try not to do that nowadays.)

Some people are just agumentative or they look for a reason to dislike someone. Generally these people are NT

I must be the exception... yeah, I may have met some NTs who were like you described but I've also met many who have been very understanding. Whereas I've had many bad experiences in autism and asperger with people on the spectrum (though don't get me wrong, I've had many good experiences with others on the spectrum too, even in those communities) who were quite harsh to anyone with a different opinion on anything. Discussions in there always made me feel like I'm somehow a horrible person just because (to give one example) I don't like the fact that I have autism and would choose not to have autism if I could. Or that I'm a horrible person because I tried to write about my experiences with autism or my opinion on an issue and it ended up poorly-worded (because I'm not the best at wording, because I have autism - you'd think other people on the spectrum would understand that, and many times they did, but some of them didn't). :(

If that makes sense.

The way my autism manifests is quite interesting as it gives me the rare opportunity to see things from both sides of the gate.

That sounds interesting... Is it like you're autistic one day/week/month/something and NT the next? Or something different? Probably something different. (I hope the way I'm asking this isn't offensive... I'm just trying to understand what you mean.)


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