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Today is the first anniversary of the day I joined DreamWidth... wow.

How did DreamWidth manage to probably be the first social network I was still using a year after I joined it?

LiveJournal - Of course I've been obsessed with LJ since 2009, but back when I actually joined it on August 19, 2007... not so much. I didn't do a whole lot on it for a while and went on a long hiatus early on. August 19, 2008 happened to be during that hiatus.

Facebook - I don't remember when I joined it, but probably about the same time as LJ. But like with LJ, I kept losing and regaining interest in it for a while. I also remember my first Facebook account being suspended because no one would verify the high school I went to (since there wasn't even an option for the high school I actually went to), but I don't remember when that was. So I may or may not have been using Facebook a year after I joined it.

Blogger? - For a dual-credit computer science class (the same one that Ours Will You 1-Up spawned out of, I believe), one of the assignments was to create an account on Blogger... at least I think it was Blogger. So I did, but I only ever made one post on it. Even if I wanted to update it now, I can't because I don't remember my username (and who knows if it's still up, anyway).

Miiverse - I joined it when I got my Wii U on December 25, 2012, and was active on it for several months, but then went on a hiatus from it and December 25, 2013 happened to be just before I came back from that hiatus - and then posted regularly for several more months only to go on an even longer hiatus.

And despite my having been on DreamWidth for over a year, I still only have 736 entries fixed :(
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