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You know that entry I posted recently where I was testing YouTube embeds since it didn't seem to be working on LJ for a while? It appeared to be fixed for a while, then it became broken again. In fact, now videos embedded in old entries don't work anymore. :(

Text links to the Michelle Heafy videos I decided to share with you in that entry, just in case they aren't showing up in the original entry at the moment and you want to see them:

Bowser's Road (Super Mario 64)
Super Mario World Castle Theme
Dire, Dire Docks (Super Mario 64)
Space Junk Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
Pokémon Medley - Main Theme, Battle Theme, Lavender Town
Tags: bowser, castles, glitches, lavender town, livejournal, lj entries, mario, michelleheafy, nintendo, nintendo 64, pokémon, super mario 64, super mario galaxy, super mario world, super nintendo, video game music, video games, videos, wii, youtube

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