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Testing YouTube embeds again

So when I was writing my previous entries, I noticed that there seemed to be a glitch where new embedded YouTube videos on LJ wouldn't show up for some reason (even though at least one still shows up in an old entry). I was forced to just put text links to them all instead.

I decided to post an entry with videos I haven't embedded on LJ/DW before in it to see if it works now/works any better when I'm crossposting from DW to LJ.

And what better way to do that than show you guys an underrated YouTube channel I discovered a few years ago and somehow haven't mentioned here until now (except for how I think "michelleheafy" is in my ridiculously long interest list in my profile)?

Her voice is so soothing... as one commenter put it, "This is what it would sound like if Enya composed Mario soundtracks." (Yes, someone BESIDES ME said "Enya" and "Mario" in the same sentence, and it's not even a reply to anything I said/wrote. I'm as surprised as you are!)

Those of you who recommended I stay away from YouTube because it seems like a bad place for me... this is one of the reasons why YouTube is mostly a good place for me. :)
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