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Check out this exclusive photo of Enya in her role as Mary O. in the upcoming--

Oh wait, April Fools' Day is already pretty much over. That, and this "exclusive photo" might also just be an existing photo of Enya edited onto a Super Mario Maker background and with Mary O.'s clothes drawn over hers. Made by me. Because, again, my entry about Mary O. and Yamamura: The Movie was an April Fools prank. :P

I was really tempted to use a picture like this in that entry, but doing so definitely would've made it too obvious*. Then I considered making up a dumb excuse like "The producers of Mary O. and Yamamura couldn't agree on whether to make a live-action or animated movie, so they compromised with this unusual combination of styles" for why Mary O. would have a half live-action, half hand-drawn look, but that still would've been implausible*, so I had to post the entry without such a picture in it.

But as you can see, the idea still amused me SO MUCH, I went ahead and made it knowing well in advance that it couldn't actually be part of my April Fools entries; at least I can use it in this entry! So Mary O. and Yamamura isn't even a real movie to begin with and yet it still has a deleted scene of sorts. Wow. :)

*...as if the idea of Enya being involved in any way whatsoever in the production of a Mario movie (one that focuses on Mary O., no less) wasn't already a dead giveaway that this is something Matt1993 made up? ;)


Oh, and all those other things (Photobucket somehow taking down non-Photobucket userpics; my considering deleting this journal; my other journal being suspended; this site shutting down) were April Fools pranks too, even if you see this before I'm done changing the Photobucket placeholder userpics back to the normal ones (which I probably won't get done with all of tonight). So please, don't panic. Please. :)

I have to say, after over three years of trying to fix various broken images and other things in my journal, it was so surreal putting time and energy into breaking some of my images instead. :P

This is pretty much how it felt!

To those of you who've read any of these April Fools entries and still like me: Thank you for tolerating and putting up with the fact that I have such a weird sense of humor. Also thank you for putting up with my fanboying, if you read that one. :P

If you missed any of these April Fools entries, here they are:
Mary O. and Yamamura: The Movie: LJ DW
Photobucket'd userpics: LJ DW
Account suspended: LJ DW
Where should I move my entries to now?: LJ DW
Since I couldn't add a poll to the LJ version of the previous entry after it was posted, I was forced to put that in a separate entry instead. And then to crosspost that entry to DW just because I don't like the idea of a LJ entry not having ANY counterpart on DW. (though I made the DW version private until now)

Even if you normally read my entries only on LJ or DW, I recommend making an exception here and reading both copies of each of my April Fools entries, because as part of the joke this year, I might have thrown my usual attempts at making my LJ and DW look nearly identical out the window for the day and deliberately introduced a few subtle differences between the versions of these entries... ;)


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Apr. 2nd, 2018 05:29 am (UTC)
Oh wow, I was not expecting that! I think that's the first time anyone's ever made a LJ userpic specifically for me! Thank you for the offer! :)

I'm not sure if I'll use it, because I've already thought of several ideas for userpics of Mary O. (herself, not Enya dressed as her) based on various quotes from Super Mario Maker Crash Course and maybe an image or two from the Super Mario Maker electronic manual. And I have three Enya userpics already, too. Is there a such thing as too many Enya or Mary O. userpics? There is if I've used up (even discounting temporary replacements) nearly half of DW's userpic limit already...

But now that you've made this, I've realized that this might be a good idea for a userpic as well! I won't upload it yet, but I'm gonna add it to my list of userpics to possibly upload. (the one I'm planning on posting eventually so my LJ/DW friends can vote on them) I bet I will end up uploading it, in fact. :)

I'm surprised I didn't already think about making that picture of Enya as Mary O. a userpic since I was already pretty much making it for an April Fools' entry it couldn't actually be in and wishing I could upload it somehow. :P

Whether I eventually use it or not, I appreciate it! :)

Edited at 2018-04-02 05:39 am (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
( 3 pigeons used the Internet — You're quite honest, aren't you? )


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