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Randomly random randomness

So pathvain_aelien, her boyfriend, and I went to see Up, but the 6:30 or so showing was sold out and we bought tickets for the 9:30 showing.

While we were waiting, we went to Petsmart to look at the pets, which was originally just to pass the time, but then one of the kittens (named Miles) turned out to apparently really like me and want me to adopt him. If Mom turns out to be okay with it (in other words, if I create a REALLY big hole in the fabric of space and time), I'll be getting Miles on my 16th birthday, which is 38 days away (almost exactly 38 days away, in fact, since it's just after midnight in my time zone).

Up turned out to be a good movie once we finally saw it.

I am in desperate need of sleep though. :(
Tags: 16, 30, 38, 6, 630, 9, 930, birthday, cats, fabric of space and time, kittens, miles, mom, movie tickets, pathvain_aelien, petsmart, stephen, up

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