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I changed my mind. I wanna wake up from this dream now.

You know how I said that I was planning on leaving LJ because Photobucket managed to (SOMEHOW??) take down all my LJ userpics but not my DW ones?

Scratch that. I was just about to delete my LJ account, but then I happened to check and:


Those seven months I spent fixing my entries on DW were all for NOTHING.

And those people hate LiveJournal's staff??

And now some of you are going to say that I deserve to have my LJ userpics and my DW taken down because I'm planning to see Mary O. and Yamamura: The Movie, aren't you? :(
Tags: 7, april fools' day, banning, dreamwidth, dw entries, dw userpics, livejournal, lj userpics, mario, mary o., mary o. and yamamura: the movie, movies, nintendo, super mario maker, unpopular opinions, userpics, video games, wii u, yamamura

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