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Super Mario Beads

I found these videos randomly one day at some point after Super Mario Beads 3 was already released (so it has to have been November 2012 or later) and meant to post them here* but never did. Then I rediscovered them this week so I finally got around to posting them five years later! :)

*Well, okay, if you're reading this on DW, that's not entirely true because I wasn't on DW yet :P
Tags: 1-up mushrooms, 11, 2012, 2018, 3, 5, ? blocks, beads, blenders, boo, bowser, bullet bills, buzzy beetles, cars, cheep cheeps, dreamwidth, dry bones, galoombas, game over, green shells, koopas, laundry, lava bubbles, livejournal, luigi, mario, mario kart, mushrooms, nes, new super mario bros., ninjis, nintendo, nintendo ds, november, peach, piranha plants, procrastination, shells, sonic the hedgehog, sprites, super mario bros., super mario bros. 3, super mario kart, super mario odyssey, super mario world, super mushrooms, super nintendo, thwomps, toad, video games, videos, warp pipes, yoshi, youtube

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