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Super Mario Maker Crash Course Minus Yamamura!

Super Mario Maker Crash Course Minus Yamamura is a comic dedicated to removing Yamamura from the Super Mario Maker Crash Course comic in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Ms. Mary O. Mashiko. It is a journey deep into the mind of a manual guide who has become her own worst critic, desperately trying to appear optimistic while secretly fighting a losing battle against anxiety, self-hatred, and fear of rejection in an isolated... video game manual?

So, uh... This is a little Garfield Minus Garfield-esque idea I thought of about two years ago, back when the Super Mario Maker Crash Course comics were new.

At first I had every intention of saving this idea for when I get around to making an archived version/remake of PrtSc Land (that's an old sometimes-screenshot-based crossover webcomic I used to write, for those who don't know) that also includes new strips - knowing full well that I probably won't get around to remaking PrtSc Land for a long time, if ever.

Then later on I discovered that the creators of the collaborative webcomic Square Root of Minus Garfield had just launched iToons, which is basically "Square Root of Minus Comics Other Than Garfield". I thought, "Okay, I could save this idea for the PSL remake OR for a submission to iToons, whichever I get around to first - I mean, Super Mario Maker Crash Course counts as a comic, right??" - again, knowing full well that I shouldn't expect myself to get around to contributing to iToons anytime soon since I've been vaguely considering contributing to SROMG, Lightning Made of Owls, and Comments on a Postcard ever since I found them in 2011 but still have yet to send in even a single submission. (And if their forums are anything like they were in 2012-2013, I'm not entirely sure I still WANT to contribute to any of those collaborative webcomics. Read them, sure, but maybe not contribute.)

Anyway, after two years, my patience has finally run out... I wanted SO BADLY to show that removing Yamamura has about the same effect on Mary O. that removing Garfield has on Jon, I decided I'm not gonna save it for PrtSc Land or iToons after all - I'd just make it NOW and post it here, while there's still at least a chance that no one else has made something similar already.

Though I'm probably safe, because really, has ANYONE else ever been obsessed enough with Mary O. to make this? Does anyone else even know who she IS? :P

Original strip: Super Mario Maker Crash Course Episode 1

Super Mario Maker Crash Course Minus Yamamura: (NOTE: Due to the large image size, it may be broken in this entry, but it will not be if you click on it)

Super Mario Maker: Crash Course Episode 1 but with Yamamura removed much like Garfield Minus Garfield

(And no, I'm not going to do this with the other episodes of the comic - it probably only works with the first one, and even then only because I cheated a little and added an extra line for Mary O. :) )
Tags: 1, 2, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, anxiety, birds, broken images, collaborations, comics, comments on a postcard, crossovers, crushes, depression, forums, garfield, garfield minus garfield, glitches, itoons, jon, lightning made of owls, mario, mary o., nintendo, obscurity, patience, pessimism, pigeons, procrastination, prtsc land, public entries, sadness, screenshots, square root of minus garfield, super mario maker, video games, webcomics, wii u, worrying, yamamura

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