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So, I posted before when I found out in July that Photobucket made it so that users have to pay $400 a year for their images to show up anywhere other than Photobucket (and how it was disheartening since I WOULD have been able to see them if I hadn't been such a procrastinator for several years, and also couldn't fix them because I don't even use Photobucket and if I did I still couldn't fix anyone else's), but then I think I also posted when I found out that I could still see the images in Photobucket itself by opening the image in a new tab in Chrome.

Well, now I can't even do THAT anymore - the images are broken on Photobucket itself now! I'm not sure whether that's because I switched computers or whether it's because Photobucket somehow made their Terms of Service even WORSE, but one thing is for sure:

I SHOULD NEVER HAVE PUT OFF CHECKING MY FRIENDS PAGE OR ANY OF THE WEBCOMICS I USED TO READ BACK IN 2011-2013. Pretending I've gone back in time to finish all of that sooner is not going to cut it. Even if I also link to the DW version of the entry I just linked to.

I should've at least started catching up earlier than 2015... When I played Super Smash Bros. for 3DS for the first time, I played All-Star Mode, and hearing this soothing but slightly sad-sounding music in between rounds and seeing the years the characters debuted (especially when they were years I was around for, especially especially when it was as recent as 2001-2006 or 2007-2013) written on a wall in what looks like ancient ruins really gave me the feels the first time around and made me think about how long I'd been putting off the stuff I wanted to catch up on - why didn't I start my trip through memory lane THEN (besides the fact that I was still super excited to finally play that game)? If I had, I might actually be done by now!

I feel like the world (especially the Internet) is just becoming more and more destroyed by the minute... not only that, I've been feeling like I'VE let the world get destroyed by waiting all the way until 2015 to start catching up on everything I wanted to catch up on! I know that sounds silly, but it also sounds exactly like how I feel every time something else I could've seen years ago but didn't disappears. Which is ALWAYS.

Well, FINE!! If you can't beat the fact that half of the Internet looks like Comments on a Postcard fanstuff now, JOIN the fact that half of the Internet looks like Comments on a Postcard fanstuff now!

Check out these Miis I just made of the COAP cast:

Lenny Mii

Preston Mii

Gwenyth Mii

Roxanne Mii

Antonio Mii

Wanda Mii

Blackdrip Mii

Major Hamm Mii

Antoinette Mii

Mysterious Woman Who Only Ever Appears in the Background Mii

EDIT: How'd I forget Margaret considering that I think I did a better job on her Mii than any of the others??

Margaret Mii
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