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Oops! Look out for references you somehow never noticed over a decade ago!

So... I've known about Chip's Challenge since I first played it in late 2004 or early 2005. And I've had Mario Party 3 since... I don't even remember when, but probably sometime between 2004 and 2007.

And yet it somehow took me twelve years or so to realize that "Chip Shot Challenge" (the name of one of the minigames in Mario Party 3) is likely a reference to Chip's Challenge?! I literally just realized it yesterday! Wow.

Has that ever happened to you where some game/movie/book/show/song/etc. you like makes a reference to another game/movie/whatever you like and you don't realize it until years after you first liked both? :)

(EDIT IN JUNE 2019: ...Okay, now the consensus of Super Mario Wiki is (and has been since February 2018) that the name of that minigame is NOT a Chip's Challenge reference - it's most likely just a coincidence that they both happen to have the words "chip" and "challenge" in the name. But still, I'm surprised it took me twelve years to even mistakenly think it might be a reference! And reference or not, this entry still led to some interesting comments on LJ. :) )

In completely unrelated news, now I've fixed 218 out of 1,193 entries. At the rate I'm going, I won't have them all fixed until about November 28. And by then something else will have probably gone wrong and I'll have to spend three months fixing something else on LJ and/or DW. :(
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