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Birthday cake quiz

I meant to take this quiz on my birthday, but I ended up forgetting to for 30 days :(

You Are Cheerful and Colorful

No matter what the occasion, you feel like celebrating. It's always time for cake, and it's always time for a party.
You are a true entertainer. You love to bring a large crowd together - the bigger the bash, the better!

You indulge in every little treat or reward that comes your way. You don't believe in restraint or guilt.
Your taste can be a bit decadent, but you also remember that you only live once. You don't skip or scrimp on dessert.

For some reason the text of the result isn't part of the "post to LJ" code anymore so:

(EDIT: I had the result down here, but then decided to try to put it where it's supposed to be.)
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