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Matt1993 Nostalgia Month!

The tenth anniversary of my LiveJournal is on August 19!!!

To celebrate, August 2017 is Matt1993 Nostalgia Month! (Okay, so that would also be an accurate description of basically any month from October 2015 to July 2017... but for August 2017, it's an even MORE accurate description!)

When I joined LJ nearly ten years ago, I never thought I'd be still on it for this long - especially given how I kept going on hiatuses from it until February 2009. I also never thought so many things would have changed since then, or that I'd be posting about so many new things since then.

I keep wondering what basically everything I've posted to LJ in 2009-2017 would look like to my 14-year-old or 15-year-old self (i.e. from the era when I wasn't that active on LJ and didn't think I ever would be).

Well, now that question will be sort of answered, because:

1. I'm changing my journal style back to Blue Gray (which is what I think I was using at first and had left as for... I'm not even sure how long; probably until early 2009 but MAYBE earlier) for a month, then will change it to Pale Yellows again at the end of the month. Though I'm leaving the journal title and subtitle as is because I don't remember what those were back in 2007 - and I decided that if I'm keeping those as is, I'll also leave in other anachronistic references such as the comment text being "# Doom 2 bad guys will come out of my ears"/"Rob Morrow to you!" :)

2. As those of you who've known me since 2009 know, five of my oldest userpics used to look different until I updated them late that year (and I don't think I had any userpics at all before 2009). Well, I'm temporarily changing those five userpics back to what they looked like in 2009!

(default) '09 (default) '10
afer ventus or the river sings backwards '09 afer ventus or the river sings backwards '10
autism '09 autism '10
dr. octagonapus & watch '09 dr. octagonapus & watch '10
(Yes, the only difference between the versions of this one is the text is only outlined in the new version...)
hypercube '09 hypercube '10
(The old version of this one had to be recreated from memory, but still.)

3. And why stop there? If my newer userpics had also existed prior to November 2009 or so, some of them likely would've looked different back then, too - so I've taken what I call the "Super Mario Maker approach" because I'm a dork and retroactively created "older" versions of eleven more userpics, and am temporarily changing them "back" to these versions for the month!

What would my journal and some of my comments have looked like if...
- that brief era when I played D&D had been at least a few months earlier
- I'd started watching The X-Files before 2010
- I'd had my first /crazymegavideo/ dream before 2010
- the Forbidden Comment Threads had happened at least a couple of years earlier, resulting in 2009 being during the four years or so of depression and angst they caused me
- and so on
...and therefore some of my userpics about these had been made when I was 15 instead of 16-22?

Let's find out!!

ms paint revolution '09 ms paint revolution '10
(Yes, as much as this userpic may look like it was inspired by the rumor about MS Paint being discontinued, it wasn't - it existed several years before that. The discontinuation rumor did influence me to retroactively make an "older" version of it, though!)
celine dion was a chair '09 celine dion was a chair '10
qun '09 qun '10
7:97 '09 7:97 '10
no-edged sword '09 no-edged sword '10
matchbox 20 how far we've come backwards '09 matchbox 20 how far we've come backwards '10
vs. giant enya fan '09 vs. giant enya fan '11
truth in another out there '09 truth in another out there '11
nightmare fuel i '09 nightmare fuel i '13
nightmare fuel ii '09 nightmare fuel ii '14
/crazymegavideo/ '09 /crazymegavideo/ '15

It was fun using my 2008-2009 drawing/spriting styles once again in 2016-2017! Even if the old-style versions of the 7:97 and /crazymegavideo/ userpics don't sync up as well with the regular versions as I thought they would. :)

4. And, as if making ancient in-jokes look even more ancient wasn't anachronistic enough already, I'm even applying the same temporary changes to my DreamWidth account! This includes the same userpic changes, and... okay, not the SAME layout changes, because LJ and DW have different default layouts. Still, I figure if DreamWidth had existed in 2007 and I'd had an account on it back then, I probably would've used its default layout for nearly two years like I did on LJ, so I'm temporarily using that layout (Neutral Good) for a month. :)

(Before I actually make any of these changes, though, I'm going to make sure both the LJ and DW versions of this entry look okay - so my journals may or may not still be yellow when you see this.)

I've got some more ideas for celebratory posts as well, so stay tuned! :D
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