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Silly reference to my first entry ever aside, yes, I'm done copying all my LJ entries to DreamWidth! Well, except for community entries... and making sure that all of my entries copied over the way they're supposed to... I still have a long ways to go. My LJ was kind of a non-Euclidean mess already, and now I'm having to make sure that nothing looks too weird when it was transferred to DreamWidth. If you see anything that looks like it didn't copy over correctly, let me know.

Now I'm going to test to see what happens if I post a poll in a DW entry that gets cross-posted to LJ...

(EDIT IN MAY 2019: It originally showed up as a link that said "View poll: Testing DW-to-LJ poll transfers". I've changed it now - despite having already put the poll options in the comments here too - to be more consistent with what I've done when editing DW entries that link to LJ polls:)

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