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I don't WANT to leave LJ!

Now that I know a lot of people are leaving LJ and moving to DreamWidth now, I feel the need to make a probably incoherent ramble about how I really don't want to have to move to DreamWidth, or even create a backup journal on DreamWidth just because everyone else is. (Unless there's a way to transfer ALL of my old entries and ALL of the comments on them there, because I'm a nostalgic guy who likes having a LJ because I get to look back at old entries and comments from several years ago and DO NOT want to lose that, especially not while I'm still not done with my trip through memory lane / catching up on things I'd went on a hiatus from checking) So if you're moving to DreamWidth or another site, PLEASE don't leave LJ entirely, okay?

This is making me so sad... In 2015 or so, LJ was already a lot less active than it used to be - now it feels like everyone who hasn't already left is leaving! :(


Apr. 10th, 2017 12:22 pm (UTC)
I feel ya on this. I'm so nostalgic. Even though I rarely use LJ anymore, the thought of leaving and never coming back, ever, is disheartening... especially when some of us are still here.
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