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Work and some more quizzes

I start work in (probably) 36 days... I'm so nervous! :O

Also, yes, I'm still retaking quizzes I took years ago to see how things have changed, and I'm still taking new quizzes. I just haven't posted the results of either in a couple of weeks.

When I retook "How Evil Are You?" I got "not evil", which is what I got over seven years ago, so I'll just link to the entry where I posted the original result instead of reposting it.

But the next one I retook, I did get a different result.

Old result from over seven years ago:

Originally posted by matt1993 at What is WRONG with me?!
Okay, you see, my SAT is tomorrow and I have been practicing essay prompts with pathvain_aelien. I was originally going to use an example from The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck to support my thesis in today's essay, but then when I got to the paragraph I was going to talk about it in, I said "In The Good Earth..." and then talked about The Lord of the Flies by William Golding as if I were absolutely sure Buck and Golding made an agreement to switch their names and the names of their books. Good thing I noticed it before time ran out...


Anycattlenotingway, here's the obligatory quiz:

You are not really Geeky!
You may like a few things that are geeky, but overall you aren’t really much of a geek.

Oh yeah? Well, I know the last digit of pi! It's...uh...green.

(Since the people I just added as friends are probably wondering: Yes, my writing style seven years ago was full of inside jokes, mostly inspired by backwards lyrics. That's why I have a glossary. :) )

Since I'm not into every single thing that's stereotypically geeky, I think my old result makes more sense than either of my new results. Yes, I actually retook it twice - the first time, I got "not a geek", but I took it again since there were a few answers that I wanted to change as soon as I clicked on them, so then I got:

You are a Super Geek!
You are into everything that is geeky – which is hard because there are so many types of geeks. You are very smart and have a great imagination. People who call you a geek are just jealous, right?

I went from "not a geek" to "super geek" just like that? I think that quiz is broken. :)
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