A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform (matt1993) wrote,
A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform

Three more revisited quizzes!

I retook three more quizzes that I first took in March 2009, but I got the same results as last time for these two, so I won't bother reposting them:

http://matt1993.livejournal.com/6897.html (What Historical Figure Are You?)
Still Leonardo da Vinci. Some of the answer choices are a lot funnier than I remember, though :)

http://matt1993.livejournal.com/7661.html (How are you going to die?)
Still extreme sports, but looking at the possible answers, the other results probably don't fit me any better.

The one that I got a different result on:

Old result:

Originally posted by matt1993 at Raliens!
You have a 33% chance of being abducted!
QuizGalaxy.comYou have a fairly good chance of being abducted. You may be somewhat skeptical about the existence of aliens, but you know that they could exist… somewhere.

Stupid aliens.

New result:

You have a 17% chance of being abducted!

You don’t really believe in extra-terrestrials, but you should! The chances that another intelligent life form exists is far greater than the chance that it doesn’t.

Weird. I got a higher percentage before I started watching X-Files. :)
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