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Holy whole hand dealer, that was a long hiatus!

In case you were wondering why I was gone, the main reason is because, after seeing derogatory comments about PrtSc Land, I started trying to avoid most websites I promoted PrtSc Land on. Of course, that meant LJ too. But now that I recently got an opinion that tells me almost exactly what to do to make it a better comic, I'm going to eventually restart it and do just that, but I'll probably put it off for over a year to give people on SmackJeeves a chance to forget what the first two online versions were like. Putting Paris Hilton in the comic without knowing that much about her? What the cattle note was I thinking?!

Other things I did during my hiatus:
- Made a backwards music website called Ours Will You 1-Up (which is linked to at the top of this page, replacing my PrtSc Land link). To those of you who have heard about backmasked satanic messages, you might think OWY1U is about those, but not exactly; all I really do is put up the backward lyrics to various songs I have, and actually seem to find backmasked video game references more. Did you know Dido apparently has a crush on Olimar (from the Pikmin games)?
- Started noticing that some of my dreams are actually pretty weird. Now that I think about it, maybe LJ has a community about weird dreams. I probably ought to check.
- Started taking college computer and math classes, even though I'm still in 10th grade. Fun fact: Ours Will You 1-Up was originally created for an assignment in the computer class.
- Just today, I won a math competition at Weatherford College. I got first place in both the individual AND the team competitions.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Tomorrow, I'm going to retake the essay I did on my COMPASS test. Or, more accurately, stay at Weatherford College until someone figures out what one divided by zero is. :(

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