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Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word?

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I know I've been posting a lot of entries with videos about video games lately but...

Wow, these must have taken FOREVER to set up! The Duck Hunt amiibo and NES Zapper in the second one were nice touches :)

Tags: ? blocks, amiibo, bob-ombs, boo, bowser, bullet bills, buzzy beetles, cape feathers, cape mario, chargin' chucks, coins, dogs, dominoes, dry bones, duck hunt, ducks, fire flowers, fire mario, fireballs, galoombas, goombas, hunting, koopas, lakitu, luigi, magikoopas, mario, mechakoopas, mega moles, monty moles, mushrooms, nes, nintendo, paragoombas, peach, piranha plants, public entries, repost buttons, rex, spinies, sumo bro, super koopas, super mario world, super nintendo, super smash bros., super stars, thwomps, video games, videos, warp pipes, wigglers, yoshi, youtube

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