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Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word?

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Everybody?! Everybody!!?!

I'm trying not to overuse this phrase too much nowadays, but HOLY WHOLE HAND DEALER.

While watching this, I paused pretty much every second just so I'd have more time to try to identify some of the characters in there. (Which I had to do again anyway so I could put all the characters I recognize in the tags. [EDIT: And, as I usually do, a few that aren't in there and are just tangentially relevant to jokes I used in this entry.]) :D

Tags: 101, anachronisms, animal crossing, ash ketchum, baby luigi, baby mario, backwards lyrics, backwards music, banjo-kazooie, birdo, blinky, bomberman, boo, bowser, bowser jr., captain falcon, cat peach, charizard, crash bandicoot, crossovers, daisy, diddy kong, donkey kong, donkey kong jr., dr. eggman, dragonball z, dry bones, dry bowser, earthbound, earthworm jim, f-zero, fox mccloud, frogger, funky kong, goku, grand theft auto, halo, hammer bros., hat-loving gamer, holy whole hand dealer, homestar runner, honey queen, iggy koopa, inklings, inside jokes, isabelle, kamek, kid icarus, king boo, kirby, konami, koopalings, koopas, lakitu, larry koopa, lemmy koopa, link, little mac, ludwig von koopa, luigi, lumas, mario, mario kart, master chief, mega man, metal gear, metroid, minecraft, mortal kombat, morton koopa jr., namco bandai, ness, nintendo, olimar, overused jokes, pac-man, parappa, peach, petey piranha, pikachu, pikmin, piranha plants, pit, pokémon, pong, public entries, punch-out!!, q*bert, r.o.b., ratchet & clank, raving rabbids, rayman, repost buttons, rosalina, roy koopa, ryu, samus, sarah mclachlan, sega, shy guy, solid snake, sonic the hedgehog, sparx, splatoon, spyro, star fox, street fighter, super mario kart, super nintendo, tags, tails, tanooki mario, tetris, the legend of zelda, toad, toadette, ubisoft, video games, videos, villager, waluigi, wario, wendy o. koopa, wiggler, yoshi, youtube

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