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So, as I vaguely said in my previous entry, I still haven't even started making a remake of PrtSc Land even though I'd always said I wanted to starting on the 10th or 12th or 15th or (some other nice number)th anniversary of it - and I'd always been hoping that it would be the tenth anniversary, specifically.

But there is one way I thought of to celebrate it, or at least celebrate the date August 12, 2006 itself: by posting the strips that several comics BESIDES mine happened to run on that date or the nearest date possible! In roughly the order that I first became interested in each of these comics!

Garfield strip from August 12, 2006:

Okay, so Homestar Runner isn't a comic, but I'm gonna include it anyway. The H*R toon from August 14, 2006 (since there wasn't one between August 11-13, 2006) was No Hands On Deck!

xkcd strip from August 11, 2006:

Dinosaur Comic from August 10, 2006: (The next strip was on the 14th, so both are equally close to the 12th, but I picked the one with the Mario reference.)

Even though mezzacotta didn't actually exist until October 10, 2008, the backdated strip for August 12, 2006 doubles as a surprisingly accurate summary of PrtSc Land:

Irregular Webcomic! strip from August 12, 2006:

Since IWC has so many different themes, I'm also going to put in links to honorable mentions - the strips closest to August 12, 2006 in every theme except this one.
Me - 8-13-06
Fantasy - 8-10-06 and 8-14-06
Steve and Terry - 8-16-06
Space - 8-11-06
Cliffhangers - 8-9-06
Miscellaneous - 9-3-06
Star Wars - 7-26-06
Supers - 7-18-06
Martians - 7-31-06
Pirates - 10-11-06
Harry Potter - 4-27-06
Nigerian Finance Minister - 9-25-06
Death - 8-16-06
Espionage - 8-25-06
Imperial Rome - 9-15-06
Mythbusters - 8-7-06

Casey and Andy strip from August 7, 2006:

(part of the last story arc, which starts at this one)

Fun fact: In a strange coincidence, C&A went on hiatus right before I started the first version of PrtSc Land (not that anyone could've known at the time, since I didn't know about C&A yet and the first version of PSL wasn't online). C&A also ended thirteen days after the online version of PSL ended (not that I knew THAT at the time, either).

Ctrl+Alt+Del strip from August 12, 2006:

Terror Island strip from August 11, 2006 (even though the page says the 10th):

8-Bit Theater strip from August 12, 2006:

Tiny Ghosts strip from August 13, 2006:

Toothpaste For Dinner strip from August 12, 2006:

Natalie Dee strip from August 12, 2006:

Bob the Angry Flower strip from August 11, 2006:

Penny Arcade strip from August 11, 2006:

Married To The Sea strip from August 12, 2006:


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Aug. 13th, 2016 04:15 am (UTC)
( 1 pigeon used the Internet — You're quite honest, aren't you? )


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