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Your opinion MATTers! (okay, so this isn't an opinion poll; I just liked the way that phrase sounds)

Poll #2047590 Name the first 10 famous people you can think of whose first name is Matt or Matthew. (If you can't think of ten, that's okay - I doubt it would be easy to think of that many. Just list as many as you can.)

This is my first time inserting a poll with text entry questions, so I'm not sure if it's gonna be formatted (pun not intended) right.

EDIT: Maybe I should clarify that I have detailed results visible to just me so people don't cheat and copy each others' answers, but I do plan to post about the results in a more general sense once more people have had a chance to answer. :)
Tags: 10, celebrities, d, dunc's algomusic, formatting, music, names, poll, public entries, puns

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