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The April Fool's Day that almost wasn't

No, I haven't turned into my exact opposite! :) (I hope that link still works once this entry goes up. If not, just go to my previous entry.)

DISCLAIMER: Just because something was in my not-interests list doesn't necessarily mean that I hate it. Of course there are things that I actually hate in there (e.g. essays), but there's also things that I merely find overrated (e.g. zombies, Captain Falcon, Chuck Norris, Team Fortress), or are fandoms that I can see myself getting into eventually but am not currently into (e.g. Game of Thrones, Dragonball Z), or are things that actually are the opposite, or an opposite, of my actual interests (e.g. ESTJ instead of INFP, atheism instead of Christianity), and so on and so forth. And, of course, unless you're new here (or haven't been here in a while, or something), you know the score with the word "feminism" - the actual definition of the word is something I agree with, but the word itself has become so associated with the extremes of feminism that I don't really like to identify with it.

Unfortunately, due to the conference being today, by the time this entry goes up, I probably still won't know if anyone fell for it. Or even if anyone hates me for liking Comic Sans - to the point that visiting Ban Comic Sans or any page that links to it (except, hopefully, this one) is so traumatic for me, I'm not even going to make sure that link actually goes to it. Please don't kill me...

In fact, the timing of the conference prevented this prank from being exactly what I wanted to do - I wanted to actually replace the interests list for April Fool's Day (and even leave it that way for about a week in case anyone wanted to explore the Dungeon of Not Matt1993 or Starship Not Matt1993 or something). I've had this idea since *checks* January 23 at the latest and was really hoping I'd get to do it this way, but April Fool's Day ended up being the day before I present, and there's no way to schedule a temporary replacement for the interests list like there is for scheduled entries.

So I had to make up a plausible-sounding reason other than "I'm trying to do an April Fool's prank on LJ at a time when I may or may not have access to a computer, let alone one that I'd feel comfortable accessing LJ on" for why I would come up with a new interests list but not actually put it in my profile right away. "There's more than 150 and so I need to narrow it down" was the best I thought of, but as it turns out, my not-interests list had less than 150 when I thought of that idea, so I actually had to add more just because of that.

I considered just waiting until next year to try this prank, but with my luck, I'll probably have even less free time in 2017. :(
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