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Long-overdue interests update'd!

I just looked at the interests in my profile for the first time in a while and...

WHOA. It's WAY outdated.

Homestar Runner?!



When was the last time I liked those?!

Unfortunately I can't fix it just yet either because I've been busy lately. I had enough time to come up with a new interests list:

/b/, 15, 16, 23, 300, 4, 4-8-15-16-23-42, 4chan, 42, 4815162342, 5 nights at freddy's, 69, 8, all your base, angry video game nerd, arguing, arguing about gender, arguing about politics, arguing about sports, arguments, arrow to the knee, assuming bad faith, assuming everything is homophobic, assuming everything is racist, assuming everything is sexist, assuming neurotypicals are jerks, assuming nts are jerks, atheism, avgn, ayb, ban comic sans, being a jerk, being mean, bell peppers, cake is a lie, call of duty, captain falcon, cars, chili, chuck norris, cinema sins, cinemasins, controversy, creative writing, cussing, cuss words, debates, dirty jokes, do a barrel roll, do not want, dorkly, double standards, dragonball z, dubstep, encyclopedia dramatica, essays, estj, extroverts, feminism, feminist frequency, final destination, five nights at freddy's, flame wars, flashgitz, fnaf, football, for glory, fox only, foxadhd, game of thrones, game theory, gaming sins, gamingsins, geno, grand theft auto, grudges, gta, guns, halo, hating everything, holding grudges, hoo-hah, hot-button topics, hunting, i lost the game, impromptu speeches, indexed, innuendo, innuendos, insults, internet memes, it's over 9000, it's over nine thousand, jersey shore, judging people, lettuce, little mac, lucario, malleo, matpat, matthew patrick, memes, metal gear, moral dilemmas, mr. z, mustard, no items, no wai!, o rly?, onions, overanalyzing cartoons, overanalyzing comics, overanalyzing everything, overanalyzing movies, overanalyzing video games, paint.net, photoshop, pickles, political arguments, political debates, politics, potato salad, profanity, psychcentral, public speaking, rap, research papers, rickroll, rickrolling, salad, shoop da woop, sonty mick, sports, sqrt(-garfield) memes, sromg memes, starting arguments, swearing, taking offense to everything, team fortress, team fortress 2, that's what she said, the game, the game theorists, the office, the walking dead, this is sparta, tl;dr, uncyclopedia, walking dead, weegee, weegee stare, writing essays, writing papers, ya rly, yolo, your mom, your mom jokes, yu-gi-oh, zero wing, zombies

But that's over 150 interests, and I don't have time right now to narrow it down to just 150. Hopefully I will this weekend. At least this gives you a chance to marvel at just how NOT ME my old interests list is, I guess.

And I still need to come up with a new default userpic... and like 40 or 50 new non-default userpics, and a new profile, and a new profile name...
Tags: 1, 15, 150, 16, 23, 300, 4, 40, 42, 4chan, 50, 69, 8, 9000, all your base are belong to us, annoying things, april fools' day, atheism, autism, banning, bell peppers, cake, call of duty, captain falcon, cars, cartoons, chuck norris, circle versus square, comics, controversy, creativity, cussing, debates, diddy kong, donkey kong, dragonball z, engrish, enya, essays, ethics, f-zero, feminism, five nights at freddy's, flame wars, fonts, food, football, fox, game of thrones, game theory, garfield, gender, geno, grand theft auto, grudges, guns, halo, hatred, homestar runner, homophobia, hunting, insults, internet memes, it's over 9000, jersey shore, jokes, lettuce, lies, little mac, livejournal, lj interests, lj profile, lj userpics, lucario, luigi, mario, matpat, metal gear, morality, mothers, movies, music, myers-briggs test, neurotypicals, nintendo, o rly?, peppers, photoshop, pokémon, politics, portal, potato salad, potatoes, psychcentral, psychology, punch-out!!, racism, rap, research papers, rickroll, salad, sexism, sexual innuendo, shoop da woop, speeches, sports, square root of minus garfield, star fox, star wars, super mario rpg, super nintendo, super smash bros., that's what she said, tl;dr, unpopular opinions, userpics, video games, videos, writing, your mom, youtube, zombies

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