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Today was pretty hilarious

Yesterday, I was doing a section review in history class, and this happened:

HISTORY BOOK: The invasion of what country by the Soviet Union in 1979 potentially threatened the world's oil supplies in the Persian Gulf region?
ME: Wars limited to specific geographical areas.

I dunno how I could have misread the entire question. Yesterday, I would have bet you a statue of Waenya (for those of you new to my friendslist, she's this) made out of macaroni & cheese that the question was asking what limited wars are.

Fortunately, the other funny thing that happened today did not lower any of my grades in any way:

LYRICS TO SONG WE WERE SINGING IN CHAPEL: Bind us together, Lord, bind us together with chains that cannot be broken...
WHAT I THOUGHT MY BIBLE TEACHER WAS SAYING: Bind us together, Lord, bind us together with Lords that cannot be broken...

And yet the song also claims that there is only one Lord.

I accidentally fell asleep for nearly three hours after school. In other words, wasted the fact that I have no homework today. :(

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