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Can't... take... much more...

Lately I've just had SO MUCH to do that not only do I not get much time to relax, but whenever I do get to take a break, it's usually not actually that relaxing because I still end up thinking about the stuff that has to get done soon.

As I mentioned a while back, I've been working on that physics research project as a part-time job. The conference that I have to attend is coming up soon (it's from March 31 to April 2), and at some point before that (probably THIS WEEK), I'll have to completely wear myself out putting together the information for the poster so I can present it. Hopefully this is the last time I ever have to give a presentation about this project... but with my luck, there will probably be about three more conferences I have to present at. :(

Not only that, but even though I have a part-time job already, I'm now required to look at two listings for potential full-time jobs every week. And I've been having to do more of the chores at home... which I'm not very good at remembering to do. AND recently there was a whole bunch of paperwork I had to do, AND I had to update my résumé recently, AND there's probably more things like that that I'll have to do soon... and so on and so forth.

About 117 days until I get to be happy again...

I'm definitely not even close to being ready to be an adult, even though I'm SUPPOSED to be because I was in college for 4½ years. :(

This entry does not get a repost button because it is friends-only. I decided to make this and the next one public because of later public entries that mention this conference.
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