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Negative LiveJournal meme

Since no one responded to my telephone game meme, I decided to make a new meme.
(EDIT: This was a lame idea for a meme, so please don't do it.)
Make a post to your journal with the following and only the following, in this order, all under a LJ-cut labeled "Negative LiveJournal meme":
- a line of equals signs like the one above
- an exact copy of everything between the lines of equals signs in this post
- another line of equals signs
- a link to any post in the journal you took this from that doesn't have this meme (hint: go to the journal's profile page and see how many entries there are, then go to http://(insertusernamehere).livejournal.com/?skip=x where x is a random number between 0 and the number of entries)
- a copy of the contents of said post with as many words as possible changed to opposites. If you can't think of a true opposite, try to use something random from the same category as an opposite. For example, if it says "I like macaroni and cheese", you could say "You hate lasagna or chocolate".
Make an opposite of the title of the post you chose as well, and use that as the title of your post.
URLs of links, images, etc. must be left intact. Link text being changed to an opposite is optional, though.
Don't make the opposite post less appropriate than the original post.
The only rule of doing this meme more than once is that once you take it from someone, you have to wait for them to take it from you before you can take it from them again.
Since I'm starting this meme, there's no post for me to invert.

Tags: backwards, chocolate, lame, lasagna, macaroni & cheese, meme, negative zone, telephone game

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