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HOW is the video below physically possible?!?

Let me get this straight. There's a video on Nintendo's OWN YouTube channel where Matthew Patrick (a.k.a. MatPat, a.k.a. the reason your friends are telling you that Mario is mental and are bullying you for playing Mario games) creates a level for Super Mario Maker (one where you have to kill Yoshi, no less)?

This makes me wonder: does Nintendo even KNOW about ANY of the things he's said about Mario that many people are taking WAY too seriously? Because if I worked for Nintendo, I wouldn't think that having the guy who's effectively (intentionally or not) brainwashing fans to hate Nintendo's mascot appear in a video promoting Super Mario Maker (or any other game) would be a good idea.

The mere existence of this video is so paradoxical, it's probably going to destroy the fabric of space-time at any moment nof7(ny p9ru8P(URW*P(ngfrwP?O@-0o43]-0o342o/O~|.P|[p/\~L[.`?L|`.\.`(yugwp9rypfyw9y Welcome! This is Dinosaur Land. In this strange land Hi! I'm Matt Aaron. For more info about what I do most of the time, go to my profile page. Everyone loves the Homestar Runner. He is a terrific athlete.ON MY WAY HOME\\\\\\\\I CAN REMEMBER<<<<<<<<EVERY NEW DAYI haven't seen you in -18,446,744,073,709,551,616 years, Help I'm trapped in a beta testing room's look-alike...ert+ y76p; '0lu8jykee;u4p;e'/Rh Strong ba15456`-------++++++gf +++++-//==========/*8901ikgChoose your fighter! ?lang? VS. ?lang?! It is now safe to turn off your computer. You're wobbling! Try to keep your balance! {moving stones and happiness} How many ▄█ 'M ▒▓s does it take to walk into a bar? Because the doctor was his √(2)th cousin πce removed. Yesterday I accidentally called [Unknown LJ tag] "ma'am". Weird. On the DIVIDE BY ZERO ERRORth day of Christmas, [Bad username: invalid_username] gave to me... Our only thought is to entertain you. You've unlocked the secret of ultimate waffles! Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH, and AAAAAfAfAf-F D. You do not have sufficient funds to make this purchase. uChIN RA G BEEP! TUMOR I like meat. Thank you Mariw! But our castle is in another princess! YOU ARE SUPER GRAMMAR! For your 47 o'clock Mii News, this is Robert'); DROP TABLE students;--, signing off. that is left is Bowser's This is not the correct amiibo. WARNING: IT IS A SERIOUS CRIME TO COPY VIDEO GAMES ACCORDING TO COPYRIGHT LAW. AUTHOR CANCELLED.

Tags: 12 days of christmas, 2, 47, aaaaafafaf-f d, amiibo, author cancelled, bar jokes, boss battles, bowser, bullying, castles, christmas, coins, computers, copyright, detect button, division by zero, doctors, dreams, engrish, enya, fabric of space and time, first post, friends-only entries, game theory, garfield, gibberish, glitches, grammar, hatred, homestar runner, homsar, hyperbole and a half, inside jokes, jokes, jon, lj profile, m, mario, math, matpat, meat, miis, missingno., murder, music, negative numbers, negative zone, nes, news, nintendo, on my way home, paradoxes, pokémon, public entries, repost buttons, sbcg4ap, sbemails, science, stolen jokes, strong bad, super mario bros., super mario maker, super mario world, super nintendo, super smash bros., the cutting room floor, theories, thwomps, thy dungeonman, toad, tomodachi life, tumors, uchin ra g, usernames, video games, videos, viruses, wii fit trainer, wii u, xkcd, yoshi, youtube

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