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Finally updating my profile for the first time in years!

Apparently, the last time I updated my LJ profile was in 2013 or 2014.


I still haven't made all of the changes I want to make, but I figure I'd mention that I'm working on it so that if you want, you can check it every now and then and see what I've updated. :)

(Note that some of the more negative things on my profile - particularly the "Dark Matt1993" LJ Trading/Tarot cards - are left over from the time I updated my profile in 2012 or 2013. I'll probably leave those up for posterity, but clarify that I've finally less worried about everyone seeing me that way. :) )

(That gave me an idea, actually... maybe I should make LJ Trading and Tarot cards based on all of my userpics? That would actually be a good way to explain some of the ones with inside jokes in them! Probably not any time soon and/or for my profile, though...)

EDIT: I forgot to mention: comments on the updates to the profile as I work on it are more than welcome :) Also, why did no one tell me that I put a LJ-cut instead of a repost button below by accident at first?

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