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Matt1993 Cometh

Hi! I'm Matt Aaron. For more info about what I do most of the time, go to my profile page.
Right now, I'm wondering what the next Strong Bad E-mail will be like. You should check them out (on homestarrunner.com); they are really funny and were the inspiration for some of my funny screenshots (again, more info on profile page).


Wow, now that I've changed my journal style back to what it used to be (although my actual first entry predates this style by... I think a year and a half), it IS easier to convince myself that I haven't wasted the past 3½ years worrying about being judged for everything I do! (Or at least it's easier than it was the last time I quoted my first entry. And not just because I misquoted it a little that time.)

Hopefully it'll stay that way!

By the way, you might have noticed that even though I implied that I would only change the colors of my journal back to what they were, I went ahead and changed the font back to whatever it was too. This is because soon after I changed it to Andalus in the first place, I noticed that certain special characters appear slightly misplaced from the rest of the text when written in Andalus (e.g. "Schächter", "Schrödinger", "Wænya" - but apparently not "Pokémon"), so ever since then, I occasionally considered picking a different font but never got around to it. Well, now I did!

I also changed my journal title back to "Tidbits of Matt's Life" - what it used to be long before it was "Life and times of a cancelled author". I'm still referencing "author cancelled" in the subtitle, though - it's "A cancelled author attempting to let go of the past" instead of "My board of regrets".


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