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Lorem ipsum drama trigger depression bad memories, gloomy flame war controversy painbow amet. :(

(I hope I don't end up overusing this and my previous entry's style of subject line as much as I overused "When the End Times come, we will all <verb> the <Noun Phrase> of the Apocalypse" back in the day...)

One (I hope) last entry before I actually go through with changing my journal style, because I really don't want this to be the first thing I post about after I change it:

So, a couple of days ago, I Googled "overcoming stress" and found some of these articles, which led me to the rest even though they're not all necessarily about stress:

These helped me feel a LOT better!... at first.

Then I got to these:

When I read these, they resonated REALLY well with how I felt about the Forbidden Comment Threads! I thought my depression would be over for good! first.

But then I read the comments on the last two articles. Now, despite having at one point almost completely gotten over my worry about suddenly being hated by everyone, even you guys, if I don't word something very well or it gets misread, I'm now back where I started. Because the comments on those articles suggest - no, prove - that I am a horrible, pathetic excuse for a human being just for feeling the way I feel about the Forbidden Comment Threads. And that I can never be forgiven for ANYTHING. :(

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