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Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Just now, I decided to at least glance at my friends page for the first time in eight months or so, JUST so that if I still didn't feel comfortable reading it and ended up putting it off for (say) another eight months, it would feel like two 8-month hiatuses instead of one 16-month hiatus, which would hopefully help me feel slightly less like I never get anything done.

So far, how I feel about it is even better than that! WAY better!

When did my friends page suddenly become enjoyable to read again and not almost completely full of drama?! Filtering out certain tags and asperger entries used to not completely help, so how is it helping now?!

I'm definitely not complaining! Maybe now I can actually go back to checking it regularly for good!

Still feels like I won't be able to completely catch up with all of my friends, though...

There were other things I wanted to mention - many REALLY good, many REALLY bad - but it's already 2:18 AM so I really should go to bed. I just wanted to post now about this momentous occasion!

Tags: 16, 18, 2, 218, 8, asperger, bed, bedtime, drama, flame wars, friends, friends page, hiatus, livejournal, lj communities, lj entries, lj friends, procrastination, public entries, repost buttons, tags

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