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A 3-in-1 entry that has too much topic jumping & managed to be 10, 14, and 17 days late all at once

By now you no doubt have heard the news about Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's president. :(

I intended to write a tribute to him as soon as I had heard the news (a very short tribute, of course, because I'm still not a very good writer), but I ended up putting it off until the 14th, which was my birthday, and every time I want to post about something sad and something fun at the same time, I'm faced with the decision of: Do I try and write one entry about both topics, with some sort of "On a happier note..." transition? Do I post two entries in one day? Do I just pick one and post about it?

ALL of those options have either always worked out badly for me in the past or have never been tried because I KNEW they'd work out badly, hence why I ended up not even posting at all on the 14th. I was considering waiting until the 18th to post about my birthday anyway since that's when my birthday party was, but I still ended up procrastinating so long that by the 18th I was in the same scenario: ready to post about my birthday party, but I still hadn't posted about Iwata, and still didn't know how I should go about writing about either topic.

And then, as you can tell, I ended up procrastinating even further because I feel like there's a huge hole in my journal now there's three consecutive entries that I'm posting way too late. At this point, I think the only way I might be able to make myself not feel this way is if I ask you to pretend that this entry doesn't exist but the three below do and were posted on the dates listed. (note: this probably doesn't matter at all, but I don't know whether or not the repost buttons will work correctly...)

Pretend that this was originally posted by matt1993 at "Satoru Iwata" on July 11, 2015

You probably have heard the news about Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata. R.I.P. :(

Pretend that this was originally posted by matt1993 at "Birthday time! (kind of)" on July 14, 2015

I turned 22 today! Though it doesn't completely feel like it yet, as my birthday part isn't until the 18th and that's when I get most of my presents.

But I did finally get to see Inside Out yesterday with pathvain_aelien! And after that, I got to buy some birthday candy! :D

And I will go ahead and make my usual Museum of Accomplishments post today:

*looks at my 21st birthday entry in hopes of finding the link*

Huh. Apparently it's not all that usual anymore because I also forgot to do it for my 21st birthday. I'd better catch up!

← Age 20 Age 23 →


At age 21:

Italian violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini had a dream in which he sold his soul to the Devil. The piece he wrote upon waking, the "Devil's Sonata," was the best he ever wrote, though far inferior to the one he heard in his dream.

American novelist Herman Melville jumped ship and spent a month as the captive of a cannibal tribe. This became the source of his novel Typee.

Jack London went to the Klondike with the first rush of gold-seekers, returning home a year later as poor as when he had left.

English chemist Humphry Davy discovered nitrous oxide ("laughing gas"), and suggested that it may have use as an anaesthetic.

Thomas Alva Edison created his first invention, an electric vote recorder. After it failed to sell, he decided to devote his energy to inventions for which there was a market.

John Dillinger robbed a grocery store, was caught and spent 9 years in prison. He later became "public enemy number one," before being gunned down by the FBI.

Luther Burbank purchased 17 acres of land near Lunenburg, Massachusetts and began a plant-breeding career that would span 55 years.

Pablo Casals made significant modifications in cello playing technique and was acclaimed as a master.

Pittsburgh songwriter Stephen Foster wrote "Oh! Susanna!" which quickly gained great popularity.

Future robber baron Jay Gould began investing in the leather business and speculating in railroad stocks.

Robert Browning publishes his first poetry; it is poorly received.

Alfred Tennyson publishes his first poetry; it is poorly received.

College dropout Steven Jobs co-founded Apple Computer.

French mathematician Evariste Galois developed group theory (and many other theorems) before his death at the age of 21.

Jesse Ball of New York stayed awake for 129 hours. At this same age, he had a dream that seemed to last 13 years.

At age 22:

Charles Darwin set off as ship's naturalist on a voyage to South America and the Galapagos Islands.

James Joyce left his family, his church and his country for the European continent, in order to become a writer.

By 22, Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget received his Ph.D., published 20 articles, and wrote a philosophical novel that outlined many of the issues he would explore during his career.

Caresse Crosby became the first person to patent a brassiere, which was made of two handkerchiefs and ribbon sewn together.

The Greek orator Demosthenes, orphaned at age 7, took his guardians to court when he was 22 for misusing his inheritance. He won the case.

Olympic runner Herbert James Elliott, ranked by many as the greatest mile runner ever, retired undefeated at 22.

U.S. swimmer Mark Spitz won a record 7 Olympic gold medals.

Inventor Samuel Colt patented the Colt six-shooter revolver.

Cyrus Hall McCormick invented the McCormick reaper, which allowed one man to do the work of five.

Dia DiCristino survived 11 brain surgeries when she was 22.

Rachel Castens broke both of her femurs in a snowboarding meeting with a tree, had titanium rods placed in each bone, and walked the next morning. (With the help of a walker, but walked all the same.)

By the age of 22, Anna Ellis had been clean and sober for two years.

Andrew Robinson bicycled across the United States, unsupported, to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund.

Pretend that this was originally posted by matt1993 at "NOW it feels like my birthday!" on July 18, 2015
Today I had my birthday party (my first proper birthday party in years) at Main Event! I got to play bowling (which I'm a lot better at than I used to be), play Laser Tag (which I'm okay at), and I finally got to open the rest of my presents!

All of my presents that I can remember:

- Mario Party 10 and a Mario amiibo! (I already had a Mario amiibo but now I have the Super Smash Bros. series AND Super Mario series ones)
- The DLC characters and stages (so far) for Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U! Thanks, pathvain_aelien!
- The hard-to-find Rosalina & Luma amiibo for Super Smash Bros.! In fact, I accidentally got two of them instead of one, so maybe I'll use the other one in Mario Party 10 instead :) Thanks again, pathvain_aelien!
- Jenga Tetris (I think this was from my friend Reagan)
- Two Nintendo eShop gift cards! I forget who they were from, though.

pathvain_aelien, can you please help me fill out (again) who got me what and what presents I forgot? Thanks :)

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