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Name That Super Smash Bros. Character

You know Super Smash Bros., right? That fighting game starring such iconic video game all-stars as Larry, Mario, Princess Twinkie, Yogi, Kong 1, Zelda, The Beautiful Woman Interviewing Me, Shamu, Pudgy Airplane, Donald Duck's Offspring, Wombat?, Crash Bandicoot, Yellow Man, Charlie Brown, King Arthur, Knights of the Crooked Sword, Pegasus Dude, The Princess of Something, Triangle-Nosed Boy, The Unknown Yoga Person, Kid With a Crazy Sword Thing, Garfield and Friends, Something the Hedgehog, a LEGO, Happy, and more? ;)

Yeah, apparently, at some point around the time the 3DS and Wii U versions were released, there was a trend of people on YouTube showing their relatives (or, in at least one case, random people) all the playable characters' artwork and asking them to try to guess their names.

These are all of the videos of this sort that I've found so far*, and most of them are just so funny that even if you have no interest in video games whatsoever, I recommend that you watch at least one! :D (I highly recommend not reading the comments on certain ones, though...)

*Except for one that's in Spanish and doesn't have enough subtitles for me to understand anything besides the characters' actual names. Also, eventually I found that there were so many that I decided to narrow it down by just watching ones that had at least a thousand views for now (though that was after I watched a couple that had less).

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