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I haven't lost my mind yet! But I probably will if I hear the words "Game Theory" ONE MORE TIME...

If any of you have noticed this entry at all, you've probably also noticed that, despite the name "Worries of the Week (or so)", I've only posted one "proper" Worries of the Week (or so) post this year and that was almost four weeks ago.

Yeah, I've rearranged my priorities yet again since then - probably even more than once. Right now my priorities are something like:

1) Homework, other college stuff, daily routines, etc. (which have always been at the top)
2) Find all of the lost Ourswillyouoneupian cave paintings and put them in a display Upload to ScrapBook all of the images that I'd been hosting on my unrelated attachments page on Ours Will You 1-Up up until Google Sites willed me game over, and use that to replace all the image links in my entries and (as far as I know) one of my comments. I also decided that while I do that, I'd do some other random maintenance on my old entries, such as making sure that they all either have repost buttons or "This entry doesn't get a repost button for whatever reason" notices, etc. But who knows, I might change my mind again before I actually get the chance to start on this...
3) Finish updating my glossary of Matt1993isms
4) I haven't decided what'll be after that... Go back to Worries of the Week (or so) for a while? Work on my userpics some more? (speaking of, did anyone besides pathvain_aelien see this?) Catch up on my friends page? Update my profile and interests? Remove some of my least useful tags to make room for more useful ones? Add tags to entries that don't have them yet? Join a friending community? I realize I've posted a poll like this before, but right now I've been having to work mostly on what I think is most likely to help me feel better. And homework, of course.

Speaking of homework, here's how I'm doing in each class so far. My wording is probably going to sound like I'm in a hurry because I kind of am in a hurry - I need to get to bed - but I also don't want to have this entry scheduled to be posted later this time.

Linear Algebra - Going well so far except it's an 8:00 class and there's a quiz at the beginning of every class, so I have to REALLY try to get there on time. Already missed the first quiz, but didn't miss the second one. Homework isn't too bad.
Abstract Algebra - The proofs aren't TOO hard except there's really specific guidelines on how to write them, and I've already had to redo one of the proofs on my first assignment. And in this and Linear Algebra there's an assignment due every class.
Tennis - I found out that I can PROBABLY waiver it because of disability, and tried to, but I'm not 100% sure if it's actually been waivered/dropped yet...
Seminar Social Responsibility (the class that I said would remind me of the FCT the most) - Slightly better than expected because what the email mentioned is probably the only homework, and on the bibliography assignments, "controversial" turned out to just mean there has to be two sides to whatever the topic is. So SLIGHTLY less chance of having to hear someone present about the FCTΩ. But it could still happen... and the first bibliography is due this week...
Interdisciplinary Thinking - Good so far but the assignments feel like they might become hard to keep up with eventually. The textbook also seems somewhat likely to remind me of the FCT, like my Psychology textbook did... But not quite to that extent.
Theory of Computation - Going really well so far! I hope it stays this way!
Physics II - Good so far but I do have something due this week that I'm going to have to ask a question about
Physics Lab - Good so far
Research project - So far, not quite as hard to fit into my schedule as I expected! I hope it stays that way

There is one last completely unrelated thing I really want to mention so I won't have to keep thinking about how much I want to post about it:

Now that my roommate knows how I feel whenever he mentions Game Theory, he hasn't given me a hard time since then, right?

WRONG. The REAL conflict resolution is in another castle.

My roommate and I were playing Super Smash Bros. Wii U sometime last week with us on a team against two computer players, which went well... until the Random button chose Peach for one of the computer players.

Apparently that made him COMPLETELY forget how I felt whenever he brings up Game Theory, as at some point during or after that match, he asked me AGAIN if I thought that the Forbidden Game Theory Video (he didn't call it that, but you know what I mean) was "kind of true" even though (for the FIRST TIME EVER...) he admitted that "some of it" - he never said exactly what, as far as I remember - was ridiculous.

I was so shaken up by the fact that HE'LL NEVER STOP GIVING ME A HARD TIME ABOUT THIS!!! that the ONLY response I could think of in the split second that I felt like I had to respond was "Some of it" - which, in my head, meant Donkey Kong Jr. and ONLY Donkey Kong Jr., but I accidentally said it in a tone of voice that probably sounded like I meant more than just that.

There was a bit more to this, but the reason I'm bringing this up is:

After this happened, we played for a little longer, then I tried to get ready for bed at around 12 or 1... but I was so shaken up by the fact that HE'LL NEVER STOP GIVING ME A HARD TIME ABOUT GAME THEORY that all I could do until about 3 was just stand there, unable to think about anything except the fact that HE'S NEVER GOING TO STOP GIVING ME A HARD TIME ABOUT IT. Even when I finally went to bed that night, I couldn't get to sleep right away. I don't remember if that was a school night or not but I think it was...


Dear The Game Theorists,

YOU'RE WORSE THAN PETA. You know that, right? If anyone's a villain or a bully, it's YOU.

Mario is pointing,

I probably could've worded some of this better or explained in more detail but need to go to bed now. Probably some broken LJ-cuts or something somewhere too

This entry doesn't get a repost button because it's friends-only. Yet again.
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