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Whoa, talk about not posting!

Now it's REALLY been a while since my last post. In order to get the original version of PrtSc Land revamped and uploaded as soon as possible, I had to do little of anything else. Even then, I only managed it about a month ago, and it's been, what, five or six months since my last post? Well anyways...

School's finally over for me, yay! Now I have time to work on PrtSc Land AND post here.

By the way, PrtSc Land's not very popular right now. I guess the thought of Mario, Kirby, Homestar Runner, Neopets, AdventureQuest, Fuzzy McFluffenstein, Invader Zim, Kingdom of Loathing, and celebrities in one comic startles a lot of people. :( So if you don't already read it, you should. EDIT: No, wait until I restart it (see next-most-recent post).

The moral is: Backwards music is hilarious. Wait, what?

Tags: 5, 6, adventurequest, backwards lyrics, backwards music, celebrities, comics, crossovers, céline dion, dido, enya, fuzzy mcfluffenstein, hiatus, homestar runner, invader zim, kingdom of loathing, kirby, mario, neopets, nintendo, paris hilton, prtsc land, school's out, self-promotion, video games, webcomics

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