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Whoa, talk about not posting!

Now it's REALLY been a while since my last post. In order to get the original version of PrtSc Land revamped and uploaded as soon as possible, I had to do little of anything else. Even then, I only managed it about a month ago, and it's been, what, five or six months since my last post? Well anyways...

School's finally over for me, yay! Now I have time to work on PrtSc Land AND post here.

By the way, PrtSc Land's not very popular right now. I guess the thought of Mario, Kirby, Homestar Runner, Neopets, AdventureQuest, Fuzzy McFluffenstein, Invader Zim, Kingdom of Loathing, and celebrities in one comic startles a lot of people. :( So if you don't already read it, you should. EDIT: No, wait until I restart it (see next-most-recent post).

The moral is: Backwards music is hilarious. Wait, what?

Tags: adventurequest, backwards music, celebrities, comics, céline dion, dido, enya, fuzzy mcfluffenstein, homestar runner, invader zim, kingdom of loathing, kirby, mario, neopets, paris hilton, prtsc land, school's out, self-promotion, webcomics

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