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Ancient(?) remains of a distant(?) past

EDIT: I guess I should go ahead and outright state that the intro to this entry was a joke that sounded funnier in my head, and I probably made things even more confusing later on with another joke that sounded funnier in my head. Oh well. At least I've finally picked up where I left off regarding my old userpics!

I just uncovered the remains of an ancient tablet of some sort! Here is a rough translation, but it's probably not exact because many of the symbols are hard to read:

The eight-sided medical squid wears a timekeeping device
Ride a box with wheels into the large fish
The house of constellations belongs to Sue
The bubble is only one foot into the front of the floor
The last sporting official hunts elephantlike people
The house of constellations has easily fooled blood
The house of constellations swallowed the quill
The house of constellations is haunted by the sea
The house of constellations has diploma from writing about death

It sounds random to me, but at the same time, it almost sounds like a strange prophecy. Whether it is or not, there must be something it can tell us about something, even if only about the past. Hmm...

Carbon dating analysis estimates that this mysterious tablet dates all the way back to...

The middle of February 2014? Hang on, that can't be right...

Oh wait.

This isn't a surreal prophecy or even from an ancient-looking tablet - it's just the list of which of my userpics still needed to be made more legible as of when I last asked about any of them specifically (although it does feel like that was a long time ago):

"dr. octagonapus & watch"
"drive-thru whale"
"homestar sued"
"bubs' foot just in foreground"
"coach z killed elephant man"
"homestar essence of gullibility"
"homestar chewed up pen"
"homestar ghost water"
"homestar graduate epitaph"

I actually have in fact remade most of these before Christmas break - I just hadn't uploaded them here.

Well, guess what? Now I finally managed to put down Super Smash Bros. 3DS for just Luigi enough to Rosalina the two userPacs that I hadn't Wii Fit Trainered before ChristMarth break, upload all nine to LinkJournal, and Pit them all in an entry!

Uh, I mean just long enough to revamp the two userpics that I hadn't revamped... you get the idea.

Anyway... Do these versions look Bowser? I mean, better?

(Wow, I waited so long after recoloring this one that I forgot I'd made the text blue!)

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