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What have I done lately besides still being worried that I've annoyed everyone, you ask?

In no particular order:

- Now I actually am in the Mortar Board!! I've mentioned that I was a finalist for being accepted, but I never mentioned actually being accepted until now :)

- A month or two ago, my Physics professor asked me if I was interested in doing a research project about the molecular flow of granular materials (or something of that sort - it's taken me a while to be able to even understand what it's about that well) with him next semester. I was interested (even though I barely understood it at all at the time), but it's been a confusing (for me) whirlwind of meetings and a formal dinner with some of the other faculty members involved and me not being able to explain the project well enough to anyone until recently, and it made my schedule really full for a while and had me really stressed out, but lately it hasn't been nearly as confusing :) Today we finished the application!

- I might've mentioned this in another entry, but I got a 62 on my second test in Math Stats and already had a 60 on the first one :( I'll probably do better on this next one, though :)

- I continued having to worry about the possibility that my last three entries-- oh wait, I said that already.

- About a year ago, my roommate gave me a hard time about a video that says that Mario-- wait, I've mentioned that recently too.

- I got to go home for Thanksgiving break!... and had to work on an Internet Programming assignment :(

- Still haven't checked my friends page, because I'm still afraid that if I even glance at it, the first thing I'll see is something pertaining to the Forbidden Comment Threads (Ω or not Ω) (that is the question) or something that reminds me of it. Sorry :(

- Probably something else important that I forgot.

- Oh, at some point there was a Physics test that I couldn't even finish a single question on! I thought it would be easy because the first test was easy, but it wasn't :( Hopefully the work I showed trying to find something that even seemed like it could be the right way to solve any of the problems is worth enough partial credit that this test won't bring my grade down too much. And hopefully the final won't be nearly as bad.

No repost button friends-only blah blah blah I need to schedule this entry and go to bed.
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