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Thought I wasn't going to post again until the Forbidden Comment Threads freeze over, didn't you? ;)

Sorry I haven't been able to post in a while. That semester was so intense, I rarely even had enough free time to complain about it on LiveJournal!

I'm gonna go ahead and assume that a) everything I know on LJ except my journal has dramatically changed in the time that I haven't posted, just like it did the last time I went a month or so without posting, and b) I'm not going to be able to adequately make up for the lack of posts. But I guess I'll try anyway by posting how I generally felt about each class:

Intro to Modern Math - Started out easy because it was just about set operations, which I pretty much knew anyway. But when we started getting into proofs, especially non-set-related ones, I got a lot of bad homework grades for a while - even a couple of failing grades - because I wasn't writing some of the proofs exactly the way my instructor wanted. Eventually, though, I started doing better at it :)

Math Stats - Was pretty easy for me the whole semester, because there were only a few things (most notably moment-generating functions) that I didn't know already. Unfortunately, those few things were so hard for me to learn that I sometimes had to spend hours on end working on Math Stats homework, which is especially bad considering how many other assignments I often had to do on the same day :( I used to be quick at learning new math topics!

Psychology - Although nearly every chapter of the textbook that we covered in class reminded me of the Forbidden Comment Threads at least once (and, of course, the Gender, Sex, and Sexuality chapter *shudder* reminded me of the FCT at least once almost every page or two), it was actually not my worst class, because there wasn't so much homework to do - just five one-page-maximum research papers, five exams, and two surverys throughout the whole class. Of course, the papers took a while to write, but at least that was most of the homework in the entire class!

Software Engineering - If I had known that it would be so intense, I WOULD HAVE ONLY TAKEN THREE OTHER CLASSES THIS SEMESTER. There were all sorts of things pertaining to the main group project that we had to try and keep up with at once, along with some regular homework assignments, a seperate smaller group project at one point (I've mentioned it here before), and trying to study for the midterm and final without being 100% sure that the answers I'd come up with to the questions on the study sheet were correct. There were many times when I finished a bunch of other homework and thought that I might finally get to take a decent break when NOOOOO, there's something for the group project that's due the next day (or later on the same day) that we all have to finish up at the last minute!

Game Graphics - Wasn't very hard because it was more like a seminar and there were no specific due dates except at the end when the final program was due. But still, sometimes I had to work on it and something for almost every other class at the same time...

Some other things:
- I was inducted into the computer science and mathematics honor societies this semester! And in fact, the math honor society elected a new president this semester, and only three people including me volunteered to be elected (it's a fairly small honor society, it seems - and I volunteered because I was assured that there were only a few things to do as president since the honor society is mainly based on GPA), and I ended up with the most votes! In fact, even the society's previous president voted for me!

Sometimes I don't feel like I deserve it, though, because of how badly I'd done with getting to things on time and with some of my homework... but since there's only a few things I'll need to do and they're all next semester, I guess I'll be alright :)

- I was really worried about my grades in some of my classes, but so far I know I have at least 4 As! The only class that I don't have a final grade in yet is Modern Math, because I just took that final today.

- While I didn't have much free time, I did have some, and instead of spending it all on video games this time, I also made a few of the userpic ideas that have been stuck in my head for a while (or at least parts of them). I'll still wait until I've made my existing userpics more legible before I make a poll about which new ones I should make/upload, though. I also worked on the program I mentioned that would generate more abstract versions of my LJ userpics for if I decide to start a dream journal.

And... that's about all I can do to catch up on posting for now. I'd have posted more quiz/meme reruns if I'd done any quizzes or memes between 5 years before my last entry and 5 years before this entry, but as it is, the next one's still not until the 14th.

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