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Well, Spring Break's over. Not that I can really tell, since I had to work on a group project for Software Engineering for most of the break and it's still only almost done. If I'd known how much time it would've taken up, I'd have checked my friends page before Wednesday, because after that, I once again had so little free time that I ended up preferring to spend it procrastinating over checking my friends page. Sorry :( At least this time I only sometimes spent my procrastination playing video games - I did write down some new userpic ideas, and I did work on the list of things that kinda (or really) remind me of the Forbidden Comment Threads!

Speaking of userpics, continuing to try to make my older userpics more legible was another thing that I would've worked on before Wednesday if I'd known that the rest of Spring Break would be so tied up...

Tags: asperger, breaks, college, comments, computer science, flame wars, forbidden comment threads, free time, friends, friends page, group projects, homework, legibility, lj comments, lj friends, lj userpics, procrastination, public entries, repost buttons, school, spring break, stress, userpics, video games, wednesday

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