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A little help?

Does anyone know of a way that it's still possible to edit or delete an entry? Because for me, any attempt to do that leads to me being redirected to a page called "Edit Journal Entries" that allows me to choose to edit an entry... only to be redirected to that page again.

You probably noticed this entry - I was trying to write commentary on that entire entry, but I couldn't finish it all that night, so I decided to set up what I had so far as a scheduled entry to be posted exactly 5 years after I first did that meme, which would be tomorrow, and then finish it later. The problem is, I forgot to postpone it and so it was posted then, and now I can't edit or delete it. All I can do is finish that entry, post the final copy of it as a separate entry, and hope that this all makes sense to you...

Tags: 2009, 2014, 3, 308, 38, 5, 8, anniversaries, commentary, deleting, editing, forgetfulness, glitches, livejournal, lj entries, march, meme, not making sense, public entries, repost buttons, scheduled entries

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