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I had SO much homework to do, and was so unfocused for a while when I was trying to work on it (in fact, there's still some homework left, though much less now) that I had to wait until the day right before the fifth anniversary of me posting this quiz before I scheduled the entry revisiting it.

And, actually, I still can't schedule that entry, because it looks like no quiz on Quiz Galaxy works now. All the ones I've tried (which even included the last one I revisited) will let me answer the questions, but won't show results anymore. Does it work for anyone else?

And, as you can probably tell, I haven't checked my friends page since I scheduled my last entry, either. :(

Tags: 2009, 2014, 5, anniversaries, focusing, friends, friends page, glitches, homework, livejournal, lj friends, procrastination, public entries, quiz, quiz galaxy, repost buttons, scheduled entries

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