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Well, that didn't go AS well as planned

Classes start tomorrow, and I never did get to upload the newer versions of some of my userpics as userpics because I still have some unanswered questions about a couple of them (and a quickly-growing [even for me] fear that one of my comments on my previous entry is offensive). (EDIT: Quickly-growing fear averted. :) )

Also, I glanced at a few pages in my Psychology textbook. Three words: Forbidden Comment Threads. (are what a lot of the class sessions are probably going to remind me of, given all the controversy that's mentioned)

Tags: asperger, classes, college, comments, controversy, fear, flame wars, forbidden comment threads, lj comments, lj userpics, psychology, public entries, repost buttons, school, social anxiety, textbooks, userpics, worrying

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